Sunday, December 27, 2009




Sigh. I want those M.A.C brushes! *Just keep dreaming, dreaming, dreaming


Christmas Party 2009

We had the usual Christmas Party at their place :) 

I think the people in this post need no further introduction. hehe...

Okay, since I'm so kind, this is Rachel!

Kwa and Evie the lovebirds

Evie and Andrea the random girl

Myself and Rach

We got really excited in their room coz their closet is HUGE, with mirrors!

Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah oleh Andrea Yap

Present from Rach, Evie and David

My card for them

Presents for them, done by JL

And errrr, Bollywood star? haha

Meditating but smiling for the camera!


Crazy Shell Fella

Date :  25/12/2009
Time : 5pm
Venue : Shell Petrol Station (Federal Highway)

Ling, myself and my brother went to MidValley, because we had nothing else to do.

Went to do some last minute Christmas present hunting, then came back to get ready for the Christmas party at cousin's place.

So I decided to stop at the Shell petrol station coz no more petrol d.

I was wearing a maxi dress so I think thats why the following happened....
Malaysians never see ppl wear maxi dress before. SIAO.

Incident A : I went down from my car, inserted my Bonuslink card, followed by credit card. Then, some Indian guy was like "AMOI YOU CANTIK LA"   FML
I looked at the stupid lifeless assholes, and gave them a "WTF ARE U LOOKING AT" look, then continue to do my stuff. I really hate it when guys do that, its so damn irritating.

Incident B : As I was filling petrol, a worker (I think he's a foreign worker or something) came to me and passed me the contest form. (Neh the one if u win u get money wan)
He said "Hello Nicelady do you want some forms"
(Ok his english wasn't that good but that was what he meant la)

So I took the form from him, and filled up my particulars and stuff. And as I wanted to walk to the contest drop box, he said he will put it into the box for me, so I said OK THANKS

Then I continued driving.

Then, I received a message from DiGi saying that I have a missed call from this number. I called back, but no one answered. Ok fine. I didn't bother anymore.

Got home. get ready. bla bla bla..Went to cousin's place for Christmas party. 
Got another missed call from that number, I called back. This time, someone answered.

Me : Hello who are you
Him : err who are you
Me : What the f*** you called me and you asking me who am I??
Him : err i think err wrong number err sory

Then I just shut the phone

THEN, the KNS fella texted me :Hi i am very sory goodnight nicelady sory sory


I replied : If you ever try to contact me ever again I'll report to the police



Thursday, December 24, 2009

I love you

Dear Facebook,

My love for you is soooo soooo soooo much now!! 

I'm so damn freaking happy ok!
FINALLY get to communicate with the long lost Amira Rawiah

Have quite a few plans for January! Can't wait already!!
1. Genting trip  *smiles widely
2. Outing with the cousins
3. Outing with the BERTAUBAT girls  :P
4. Dinner with FICM July'08
5. Go to college to visit lecturers 
6. PD trip with family  *to be confirmed


As you can see, all of the above requires $$, thank goodness I've been working since last month..
Or else I won't be able to go out at all..Coz super broke!   :P

More updates soon!

ps: Its Christmas eve!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Horror

...of packing. (Actually just the thought of it)

I have a luggage. 25kg allowed.

I have a lot of things to bring. When I say a lot, I mean it.

Let me show you.

Picture (1) : Clothes. Dresses, formal tops, cardigans, jackets.
See the part where there's boxes? Shoes. Flats. Heels. Behind those boxes, are more boxes with shoes. And some of my shoes are kept outside. FML.
I need diff colors of cardigans and jacket to match diff sets of clothes ok! 
Being a girl is so difficult!! But fun at the same time. Ho Ho Ho~

Picture (2) : 
Top compartment : Bags. Handbags, sling bags, totes..bla bla bla..
Second compartment : Tshirts. Tshirts. and.... Tshirts.
Third compartment : Jeans. Shorts. Pyjamas. Towel. Skirts

Note: Don't tell me that I just need ONE or TWO bag and ONE or TWO pairs of shoes. I will KILL you. Literally.
How can ONE bag match every outfit? How can ONE pair of shoes suit every occasion?
You must be crazy.

Picture (3) : 
Picture of my luggage. Yes you're right. ALL my clothes are not even in yet. T.T
Its just hangers, socks, iron, pads (Don't laugh ok! Ppl say the pads in Aus very expensive!)

Picture (4) : The plastic bags on my chair, are stationaries.
The plastic bags below and beside the chair = Contact lens solution, pads (yes I bought alot of pampers for myself), and some other necessary stuff for women. 

I can officially say that I AM DOOMED

I've got so many other things I want to bring which are not shown in the pictures above! Like, my soft toys! Hello I need my Barney, and my Koala Bear, and Berry my dog and my ChiHuaHua Panda if possible! 

And my cosmetics. and my camera. and my laptop.and my novels to kill boredom. and photoframes to put pics. and GOT SO MANY THINGS LA OMG

How do people pack when they go overseas?! Terrifying experience!

It is going to be THE most challenging packing to be done in my life I swear.

Next up: Sushi making experience

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Covered with comforter. 
Typing this on the bed.

What am I doing at home on a Saturday night? I'm 19. I'm supposed to be hanging out with friends and laughing at absolutely nothing.

I get more tired easily these days. Why?
Is it because I'm getting old? Or because I'm not healthy enough? Or what?
This is rather sad.

My blog is so freaking dead. I think nobody is even reading it.
Why am I typing this?
Coz I'm bored.

Sigh I'm so lifeless.
Who sleeps at 11.30 on Saturday night??!


Thursday, December 17, 2009


1. Sad cause sick. (This is like, the wrong-est time to fall sick ok!)

2. Happy cause already received two Christmas presents! :)   *Yay iPod touch   =DDDDDDDDDD

3. Happy yet Sad cause went shopping and got things I like :) but money is saying bye bye to me :( 
(See the happy yet sad logic?)

My bro got me an iPod touch!  =D I wanted to get it so badly last time, when Izz first got his.. Was so addicted to it. Eventually I told myself to forget about it coz I'm not so generous to get the iPod touch for myself.
Suddenly my bro gave it to me and i was like O.0 woooots!! Double double double wooots!!

Went to OneU today to do some shopping, and got a casing for my iPod  =) Wheeee!!

Baking and cooking session tomorrow! Wheeee can't wait!  =D

Sunday, December 13, 2009


It is. Life is.

One moment you're here, a few seconds later you might not be in this world anymore.

Each time I hear of someone's death, it makes me think. Alot.

Honestly, I'm afraid. I do not want to lose my loved ones. Who would want that to happen?


While life is so short, so fragile, so precious, we are spending our time ranting about every single thing under the sun. Its time. Its time to wake up and treasure each moment, make it worth while.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm not doing this, ever again.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Point

So you think that a certain someone is courteous. Until a point where you feel like slapping yourself for having the most stupid thought, ever.
I really hate people with no manners. Fucktards.

I've been working almost every day now. Although I'm glad that I have a source of income each month, I'd like to spend more quality time with my friends and family. 

Nope, I don't have many close friends. I use to think that I have a lot of people who're close to me and yadi yada. But turns out, they're not afterall. Honestly, I don't care. Its the true friends that matters. 

I used to think that everyone has the potential to be close to you. But now, not anymore.

I have ONE best friend, and I'm sticking to that, for life.  :) 

You don't need gazillion friends on your Facebook account, but ended up posting comments saying that you're bored. Get what I mean?

Looking forward for tomorrow! Gonna be fun. Latenighttalk and McDsessions, Here WE come (again)!  =D

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The never ending

So, lets see. Where do I start from?

Life has been pretty much boring lately, but I know it'll be better from tomorrow onwards, because Ling will be back from Singapore!

Someone new will be coming to the clinic, and replace me, and I can stop work as soon as the new girl is familiar with the surrounding and workload and yadi yada.

I'm not a big fan of PC Fair, because I know nothing about comps and technology and whatnot.

My younger bro wanted to get a monitor for himself and we went there..blaahhh blahhh blahhh.. The rest need no explanation. Not like you'd care to know what I did the whole day, right?  :)

Its already December. 6th of December. 
Time flies. Its sooo freaking fast that its creepyy.

I know its a lil too late to talk about the year 2009, coz its not exactly the end of it. But, I just feel like I want to pen down how I feel.

Up Down Up Down Up Down. Worse than roller coaster ride.
Thank God everything was fine before my 19th birthday. More than fine actually.
Shit I'm turning 20 next year.  

I hated each and every single second of final semester in college. But thanks to a few wonderful people I met in college, I made it through  =)

There were so many different types of people. Some control-freak, some nutcase people, some even think that they're so-cool-they-can-do-whatever-they-want. It annoys me.

My closest friend in college? Joanne Choo Jun Qi !   :)
Yes, we may not sit together all the time in classes, we may not hang out together all the time in college.. But when we're together, we have the time of our lives! 
We have crazy camwhore moments. We have maddddd webcam sessions. Its been, blissful :)
I love you Sui Za Bor~!

In less than 2 months, I will be facing a whole new environment. A foreign place. New people to met and befriend with. New rules to learn. New surroundings to adapt to. and most of learn, all the thing in the world, have to be done by myself. Gotta be more and more and more and moreeee independent. 

 Well, at least I have my camera to accompany me when I'm bored. I shall learn more techniques,  to capture more important moments in life.

2010, I'm ready.  =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I love my cousins

Just got back from Aeon and McD with Rach a while ago..

Rach has been feeling rather sad lately because William has gone back to Sabah..

and each time I read her blog or see her facebook status, I feel sad for her as well..

So I decided to take her out, and try to make her feel better.. Wanted to go for manicure with her, but she's already got hers done this afternoon.. So I had my French Manicure!

Wheeeee~ My first manicure ever! *Okay I know I'm damn lame, but shuddup okay.  =)

My nails look so pretty now, I'm so happy!!

Ling's exam just finished, and she'll be back in Klang in less than a week!  =D

*Double joy!

Can't wait for the trip. Need a getaway from work work work work work!!


Hmmmmm. Soon!

Thanks Victor for the compliment! There's more improvement to be done.. It will take some time..but, soon! Soon I shall be better at it... :)