Monday, August 23, 2010

Scary thoughts

To me, the fastest thing on earth is not the speed of light, nor the speed of bullet train, or whatever fast moving objects out there.

To me, the fastest thing is nothing else but TIME.

Seriously, it's passing by way too fast.

The thought of "What my future is gonna be like?" , scare the crap outta me.

Its scary. Very scary. 

It feels like yesterday I was still in high school, bandaging the students' wounds. Giving speeches and organizing camps, activities etc. 
When I was in high school, after school, I'll either stay back in school having meeting with the committee, or staying at Red Crescent HeadQuarters planning and organizing events.
Life was hectic back then, but it was rather enjoyable. It was great. Nothing but total bliss.
Juggling between school, tuition, home, and Red Crescent. 
2007, I left high school.

Went to Taylor's, Foundation in Communication July 2008 intake.
Where I met awesome friends. =) 
I still had my confidence back then. I had the guts to volunteer myself to be the project manager in the first day of class. I knew it was gonna be tough, but I still did it anyway. 
I had help from Amirul, Serene, Izzuddin, JQ, Aaron, Joanne, Christine, Imran.. and so many more people. We had sleepovers, late night talks, supper at 3am in the morning..

It was so much fun. 
I wished I could stay on in Foundation programme forever. 

Now, 2010. In Curtin. Yes I'm happy here.
I hate to admit this, but I'm no longer who I used to be. 
My confidence is at level zero, or probably negative. 
My self-esteem has gone down the drain. 
Yes I still behave the same way when I'm around people I've known for a long time. But when it comes to meeting new people, I suck. Totally horrible at it. 

I wonder what has happened. What was so powerful to pull me down this way. 
Time for self discovery.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


时间过得好快, 快得有点吓人。



Gosh it took me so long to type the short sentences above.  :S
Need more practice  

Monday, August 2, 2010

2 is better than 1

Had an advance 20th birthday celebration at home  :)

Fun-filled with cute cupcakes!  

Warning : Heaps of pictures ahead!!  :D

Steamboat! Nomsss


Happy Birthday Girl

The Klang Gang

Tsk tsk tsk, Rachel.....

Santa Claus! Ho Ho Ho

Aaron Amirul Serene


Card from FICM'ians


Wheeeee~~~ :D 
Cuteness to the max or what?!  :D

Marine themed, with Barney, Baby Bop and B.J.  
I iz happieee

The 3CUZ

3CUZ + Andrea

Ah Yeeee~~  :)


*which cake to cut*

Cousins, Brother and future cousin-in-law  :P

Klang Gang + JianHui from Singapore on the far left :)

WooHooo Andalas-ians

Brother and Soo Ling


Everyone loved the cupcakes  :)

Happy Birthday to Me!

Group shot

Encik Wayne with lil' nemo  :)

Edwin with Evie's starfish  :P



*melts* So adorable  :D

Camwhore #1

Camwhore #2


Lulu Nand  & Bob

Evie and Ed

Sze Meng and Evie

My beloved Exco 2006   :)

THANK YOU to everyone who came and thanks for all the gifts and wishes!


- Wey Chin -

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ohh Look, Brand New Chapter.

Wanted to transfer from Murdoch to Curtin in Perth.
Murdoch refused to issue Release Letter, Curtin Perth can't take me in without that letter.
So it is Goodbye Perth and Hello Sarawak.
Here I am, in Curtin Sarawak. In my lakeside apartment while typing this blog entry.

Updates soon!  :)