Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No "Jodoh"?

Just when I thought everything was fine, they decided to prove me wrong.  :(

Its just so, demotivating. 

The past 5 months in Murdoch was nothing but blergh-ness. and now even when I want to switch uni, so much of crap have to come in between.

I was so ready to go back to Perth to start all over again. To build up a new circle of friends, to be who I used to be, to be happy, finally.

Now I have to appeal for my release letter from Murdoch. If I don't get the release letter, I can't go to Curtin. 
If Murdoch refuse to give me the release letter, I will rather just come back to Malaysia and study here. There is NO WAY that I'm going to continue studying in Murdoch. I am not putting myself into that situation anymore. 

I want to be happy, that's all.

Really like tak ada jodoh with Australia. 

This sucks. big time. Blerhhhh

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is it

Finally, everything is okay. (Well, almost)

2 more weeks left in Malaysia and I'll be back in Perth, freezing and hiding under my super comfy comforter.

Was in Penang from Friday to Sunday and I had loads of good glorious yummy awesome finger lickin good FOOOOOD!
All I did was eat eat eat eat sleep eat eat eat sleep eat eat eat . Ok you get it.
Miss my beloved "Har Mee" and Apom by the roadside!

Okay time for brunch! 
(cannot believe I'm eating Maggi Mee in Malaysia) =.=