Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leave me alone


I hate this.

A new day has come

Had our final class on Monday. Followed by lunch with Mr Philip, our social psychology lecturer. :)
Thanks for the treat, sir!

Finals is next week, and then its the end of Foundation @ Taylor's PJ.

A shoutout to all who've been there for me through bad and good times,

Sui Za Bor a.k.a Joanne - Thank you for everything :) I will never forget those crazy whacko webcam sessions and sleepovers. You're an amazing friend, I swear you are!
If you need someone to talk to or anything, I'm just a call away.
I will download Skype and talk to you when I'm at wherever Im going, aight?
Love you!

Not forgetting, the awesome blossom Fantastic Four! xD
JQ, Serene, Christine and Izzu~!!

JQ : Thanks for being the superb listener and laughing-partner in Mr. Philip's class :P
Thanks for the tissue paper~ LOL. U live in Klang so I can still disturb you whenever I want! Bewareeee~

Serene : Thanks for being the ever-loyal camwhore partner! We had our bad times, but I'm glad we managed to talk things through and worked things out. :)
I will definitely miss you~ Don't stop being your hyper self aights?

Christine : Thanks for driving me around when I didnt have my car yet. Though we always kutuk your driving skills, but its good that you've improved. LOL.
And please, eat eat eat. Okay?Don't stop eating, or else you will be nuts!

Izzu : Thanks for letting us crash at your place and mess up the whole apartment!
You've been such a fun and nice person to be with~ I will never forget those fun-filled moments at your place and your constant bullying >.<

Vonnie, thanks for making me laugh by cracking lame jokes :)
I finally found someone as lame (or maybe more lame than me) :P

Rhea, thanks for spamming my facebook and twitter page. I love all your replies!! Continue spamming kays?!

I loveeee all of you!! <3

To my other classmates whose names have not been mentioned, thanks to all of you for being such wonderful team mates!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Poker Face


All over and done with.

2009, can you please go away? I hate you, so very much.

2010, can you please arrive faster? I want a NEW year. :)

Ling, can you please come back to Klang? I need a shopping partner man.

Read today's STAR papers. There's an article which is so superrrr true.

Jiang Shan Nan Gai, Ben Xing Nan Yi. - Chinese Proverb which explains it all.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


kindly click on image to see the bigger version. :)

Vonn stayed over at Joanne's place, we were trying to take pic. but the stewpid internet so very the slow, joanne got fed up, so she called me and asked me not to move. haha. can see her holding the phone and "muka nak berak" LOL

Vonn is taking picture of Joanne using the camera, while I syok sendiri camwhoring by myself. Sobs.

A Beautiful Mess

Izzu and Aaron with homemade cheese cake :)

Christine the turtle got bullied by me.

In the car while waiting for JQ to arrive.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tongue Tied

Told ya! She's nuts!!! =P

We Could Be In Love

Webcamming with this girl over here is the best man! Makes me laugh like crazy. LOL

I love you Sui Za Bor!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Killing Me Softly

I shall label today as "Suey" day.

Hmm..How do I start this shizz. Woke up at 6am, Christine reached my place about 6.30am.

We reached Teluk Gadong train station at 6.46am. (We usually take the 7.03am train, and the train comes every 20minutes, so meaning the train before the 7.03 train is at 6.43am)
SO means when we reach, there shouldnt be many people,right.?

but NOOOO..there were like SOOOOOO many people there. So Chris and I wanna berlagak pandai, we took the train to Pelabuhan Klang, so that we can secure seats for ourselves. anddd..GREAT~! right after we board the train heading towards Pelabuhan Klang, we saw the train, which is heading towards Sentul passed us by. WTF right. I know.

JQ called us and laughed at our stupidity. LOL. Evil woman.

Sooo...Chris and I stopped at the Jalan Kastam station and waited for the stewpid train. It states that it will arrive at 7.15am. But NO, it only arrived at 7.20am. OKay. nevermind. entered the train, sat down. AND THE FREAKING DOOR WONT CLOSE!
And the train didnt move, obviously.

SO I texted JQ and tell her that the train is not moving, (she's in the 7.03am train already)
then she told us that she is IN THE TRAIN, stuck in the middle of Klang station and Teluk Pulai station. Oh Mi Goooddd.

And there was an announcement, asked us to get out from the train and wait for the next one. Kanasai man. My class is at 8am and ask us to wait some more. crapppy shiitty crap.

Good thing Chern came to rescue! haha. I called him at 730am and woke him up. Sorry and thanks again Chern~ :)

Then he picked me and chris from Jalan Kastam station, and sent us to Teluk Gadong station.

JQ walked to the Klang station. From Teluk Gadong, I drove to Klang station, picked her up and headed to college.

Okay lorh. La di dah. Skip the details....

After class, me n chris went back first because JQ wanted to go to the library.
When I was reaching home, JQ called and this was the conversation :

JQ : Hello Michelle ah where are u ah

Me : Urm Klang why

JQ : Im so sorry but this morning I 4gt to turn off my car lights so now the battery finish d so I cant start my car

Me : Oh My God

JQ : Can u fetch me back from train station?

Me : Ok ok. Coming coming.

So I went to Teluk Gadong station, picked her up, sent her home.

**In front of her house**

JQ : Oh shit where is my key?!

hahahahahahahaha...yes yes...she left her keys in the car..ahhahhaha...

So we had to go back to the station again, get her house keys, then sent her back.


I laughed soooooo much today because of all these. Its really hilarious. Christine laughed until face as red as tomato.
Of course I was kinda unhappy at first, but after that everything seemed so funny.

Good thing no exam today. Or else sure dieee.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


No idea why, but I'm feeling rather emotional now.

I need someone to talk to.


Some things are just meant to be, is it?

You can't have the best of both world. I guess maybe that is why we're torn apart.

Whats left of us? I wonder. It used to be so much fun among all of us, and now nothing is left, but just a few of us.

When you say nothing at all

Now on, my titles will all be song titles. :)

Stupid blogger. I tried uploading pics but it just doesnt work! I dont know whyyyy..

Some random notes:
1- I wanna get mary jane pumps

2- I wanna get pinafore dresses

3- I wanna get my cosmetics

4- Im going for a reunion tomorrow with my exco members! =DDDDD can't wait!

5- I am soooo not excited about my birthday. Dont ask me why, coz Im also wondering why.

6- I am broke (as usual) hahaha

7- Evie and rach took me for a ride earlier! Thanks girls :)

8- Miss Mary and Rachel and my brother called me when I was taking my nap.

9- The number 2 keypad on my phone is broken into half. Pffffft.

10- My camera sucks. big time.

11- I need a haircut, like seriously.

Click awayyyyy


Monday, June 22, 2009


Pictures on in order. Lazy. Sorry.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Chili's with another 11 people.

Followed by endless games at the arcade.
Non-stop exercise for 1hour plus or so. Super awesome. It feels good to sweat :)

Its gonna be our fav arcade. :P

More pics and videos soon..

Thanks to Izz and Aaron for the meal.

Hope u guys like the presents we got you. :)
Happy Birthday again..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not againn

Since yesterday, more than 10 people told me the same thing : u look so thin.

Sigh. Is that so? Okay I admit that I lost some weight, but not to the extend where its sooooo obvious rightttt...

So anyways, back to the assignments stuffff.
I finished my research paper last night, and only 2 hours of sleep. Pretty crappy.
Finally done with my ECS presentation and I was so super relieved.

Econs presentation tomorrow and I'm done with Econs as well.

Next up : TV episode review, movie review, travel documentary, andddd FINALS!

Time flies.. it really do!

On a complete different note, I've learnt that somethings are better left unsaid, while some are best if were told.

I am a really happy person now, I'm happy with the way things are.
To those who knows what I'm talking about and were there for me throughout, THANKKKIUUU!!

Ling, thanks for always being there to listen to my never ending rants and complaints about everything and anything. Me lovveeeee you long time! =D

Sui Za Bor, thanks for always being there to cheer me up and give me loads of hugs and kisses. Haha. lesbo shits!! and and, webcam-ing with u is really really fun! with all our acrobatic stunts! haha.. will definitely miss you when I leave Msia. =(

JQ and Chris, thanks for listening to me and offering tissue everytime the rain falls. hahaha.

Amirul, thanks for talking to me , and dont worry, I will certainly remember you and ur words of wisdom. :P

And nooo...I'm not leaving Malaysia yet. Its just that I wont be doing my degree in Taylors.
Actually I'm not sure when I'm leaving also. Lets just say, I'm starting my degree in Feb 2010. Where? I'm not sure as well. Seeee!! so many not sure not sure. Such a failureee.. crap.

Gotta get back to all the filling-up-forms and sending application stuff here and there. Sigh.. Stupid process.

Monday, June 15, 2009




Joanne Low is going to kill me if I don't update today coz I promised her that I will update my blog today. :P

Sorry for neglecting my blog lately.

Truth is that, I'm lazy. and assignments are driving me up the wall.

C.L.I.O.D is doneee! :)

And thats our beloved Miss Catherine in the middle :)

Oh before I forget, Happy Birthday to JQ (14th June) , Aaron , and Izzuddin (Both on 17th June)

Hope you guys have a great one!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Its been a while. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm tired.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I am home on a Monday morning!! =D

I'm not going to say anything about why I'm home at this time, coz some KayPoh adults will start their non-stop-story-telling, like CNN.

Thanks to Joanne the Sui Za Bor a.k.a Permit Singh for handing in the Moral thinggy for me!!

And and, thanks for saving my life. xD (inside joke)


I got a question for all of you,

Should I...

1) Cut my hair short, slightly shorter than shoulder length


2) Leave it long


3) Cut it short, but just slightly over shoulder length


4) ________ (fill in the blanks)


Now my hair is like, some gigantic truck just ran over me or something, aiyah I also don't know what am I saying. The conclusion is, my hair looks like crapppp. (Actually come to think about it, when it doesnt?) :p

My Sui Za Bor !!!! =DDD

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I miss Redang!!

Life Has More To Offer

When you think that your whole world is dark and gloomy, think again.

Super random, just thought of it suddenly and decided to type it down.

Had C.L.I.O.D on Thursday, oh btw C.L.I.O.D stands for College Life In One Day.
Its organised for the form5 students from various schools :)
At first we thought its gonna be quite boring coz maybe they are not used to interacting with random strangers, but we were sooo totally wrong!

they were soooooo active! about 28 of them if im not wrong. :)
the 7 of us were helping Miss Catherine by handling a slot, whereby the group of them have to work in team of 5-6, to create a music video, based on the song thats chosen randomly.

It was so much fun, they were all so sporting, all so active!! and talkative as well! haha.
its so nice to see such supportive crowd!

Can't wait for next week's batch! hopefully they'll be as hyper! =D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Banana's 19th Birthday Celebration