Sunday, May 30, 2010


(Note: this post was drafted on 21st May)

Today is the last day of my first semester. 

Well I'm not exceptionally happy nor sad.

I am happy, but not super happy until I feel like I can fly. Geddit?

I'm feeling rather.. Weird.
No not PMS.
I feel, happy+sad+grateful+many other feelings.
All mixed up like rojak.   =S
Why? Why do I feel this way?

I hate to feel bored. I don't like it at all. 
It makes me feel rather empty.

Sigh, I really miss year 2005 and 2006. The highlight of my life   :)
So what if I was only 15 or 16? 
I was surrounded with awesome bunch of friends, who're still super crazy today :P 

Sigh how I miss organizing events, gatherings.. I miss being around many many people, rather than facing the four walls in my room 

Le sigh

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I made Apple Crumble!!!  :)

Its really easy and it tasted good too! 

I wanted to take photos, like step by step, but totally forgot about it  :(

So here you go, just pictures of the final product.

4-5 Medium sized granny smith

Caster sugar

So...What you do is.. you peel and core the apples  :) 
Chop them into like bite chunks 
(Soak them in salt water while chopping the other apples so that it won't turn into some ugly-looking color.)
After chopping all the apples
Prepare a pan, fill the pan with some water and some sugar, then add in the apples.
Cook them over low heat, until the apples are slightly soft (beware not to make it TOO soft though)
Then, get a bowl, put flour, caster sugar, and chilled butter into it. 
Use your fingers, mix them up, until they become like crumbles  :)

After the apples are soft, get a baking case.
Place the apples in it.
Sprinkle some cinnamon
Then continue scooping the apples into the case.
At the top, place the crumble mixture over the apples, and sprinkle some cinnamon (Just a little will do)

Then put it into a preheated oven, about 180 degrees

Bake for about 20-30 mins, serve while its hot with some vanilla ice cream!!

And here you go!  :) 

Apple Crumble - Served hot , with a serving of Vanilla Ice Cream

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Miss Joanne Choo a.k.a the Sui Za Bo ask me update my blog.

Haha. Its so super dead. 

Not my fault! I have nothing to write because there's nothing interesting going on at the moment.

Hmmmm. So, I will be back in 32 days  (WHOOHOO)

And I have a list of things to do/places to go/food to eat/people to meet:
- Home Sweet Home  :D
- Bah Kut Teh (many many many many many times)
- Murni @ SS2
- Boston 
- Mamak nights!
- BBQ + Sleepover session with the cousins and Ah Yee  :D
- Moviessss!!! (I think I can't remember how a cinema look like anymore)
- Jalan Jalan Cari Makan !
- Food
- Food
- and more cheap and yummy food please
- Food
- and one last thing...FOOD    =)

Oh, Miss Joanne Low has offered to drive me around. Ho Ho Ho!

A presentation tomorrow, 9 summaries to hand in next week, 4 papers, then it will be HELLOOOO HOME!   :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beyond Grateful

I just thought that I'd take some time off from doing my assignments, to write some stuff on this half-dead blog which is collecting dust.

The past one week has been the most...tiring week ever. My mind didn't seem to be resting.
I take sooooo super long to fall asleep at night because I kept thinking about things. 
I was in a serious dilemma, and I didn't know what to decide on. Because, obviously, either way, there's always pros and cons. 
The decision was in my hands, I had to make the right decision.
The decision is now made, and I just wish for the very best.

Having said that, I'm extremely happy and glad that I have such a wonderful and supporting family. Words itself is simply not enough for me to express how touched I am. 
I've been shedding tears of guilt, tears of joy and.. I don't know how to say this, but I guess its just really awesome to know that you have people backing you up, even though you're in a different country. My dad and I are very close and we talk about many many many things together. I love talking to my dad, especially during road trips where my mom and brother will be snoring away in the car. I guess its just a father-daughter thing.    :)
I have a very different relationship with both my parents. with my mom, I'll talk about all the girly-stuff, go do our hair together, go for facial treatments together, and of course clothes shopping :D   Whereas with my dad, its more of, talking about more serious matters and also a bunch of lame jokes. (We can be really lame)  =p
In short, I love them both to bits!!!   I love you mommy and daddyy!!
(if I continue typing this I will start tearing again)

Uncle Tong and his family are really friendly people. They treat me just like part of them and give me their advices and opinions. Don't know how to thank them other than saying "thank you", but I surely will show my appreciation.
Uncle Tong was telling me, life is all about decision-making. and there's more to come.
As scary as it sounds, I guess I'm now more prepared to face the future and its upcoming challenges.

On a super happy note, I'll be back in 41days.  

As for now, back to my essay writing.

Till then, wishing all of you the very best in everything you do  =)