Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am happy  :)

I am. Really!

I just finished my essay, like 100% finished it. Done with editing, done with cover page and all as well. I'm so happy. (Though I hope I get good grades for it, or else I will be rather sad)

I realized that I can be happy very easily. Just give me a cup of hot choc with marshmallow and I'll be smiling like a big kiddo  :)

I know I complain a lot, like, really a lot. About everything I could possibly complain about.
Truth is, I am a girl, and we are whiny like that. (Or at least I am)

I love making people happy, seeing people happy. That's one of the reasons why I love to plan surprises and getting presents for people on special occasions or even leave them a simple and sweet message. Because I know for a fact that I can't possibly be there for every. single. one. of my friends when they are sad/feeling down.
I want them to know that I appreciate their presence in my life.

On a totally random note, I've been thinking a lot for the past few weeks.
I kept wondering, where is my life leading me to, or rather, where am I leading myself to?
What am I going to be when I graduate?
Will I be a successful person? When I say successful, I don't simply mean being able to have 3 meals a day. I want to make an impact. (I know some of you are thinking, this girl is having bimbotic thoughts) 
Think whatever you want, because this is just simply how I feel.

I want to be able to bring my parents to travel.
I want to be able to help my parents to pay for my younger brother's college fees.
I want to be able to do so many things..So so so so so many..
Question is, HOW will I be able to do it? and will I be able to achieve what I want to accomplish?

I admit, I'm not particularly smart, which explains why I didn't get a scholarship.
I'm not stupid either, because if I am, I won't be sitting here and typing this post.
But its okay, I am happy with my level of intelligence. I know when to be serious, and when to have fun.

I know the right studying method that works for me. I know that I will be better, the more I practice.

I know that I am truly blessed, to be able to study without having to worry about anything much other than my studies.

I love my life and I'm happy with it   :) 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Harlow Mellow Mashi Maro!  (Don't give me that =.= look people, I have the rights to be cute) 
hahahahahah...I'm so lame.

So anyways, I haven't been checking my weight for the past 2 months, because I refuse to buy a weighing scale (I am cheapskate like that OK)
So one day, Chee Yin and myself went to The Reject Shop, and I was like "OOH LOOK WEIGHING SCALE!"

*takes out weighing scale from the shelf, put on the floor, removed shoes and stepped on it*
(Yeah I am shameless like that!) (WHAT?! Check weight have to remove shoes wan that its more accurate)

And...I found out that I'm like 2kgs lighter than I was back in Malaysia.
Then I was like, "Aiyah bluff people wan la, I'm sure I'm heavier than this"

*puts back weighing scale on the shelf and walks away*

Few days later, I went to the Chiro clinic for adjustment, and the chiro went out from the room to get some stuff. I was looking around the room and TA-DAH i saw a weighing scale!!!
So quickly, I checked my weight.'s the same as when I checked in the shop a few days back.

Since then, I kept on thinking, why why why.


In fact, I eat so much more compared to the food I eat in Malaysia.
I eat at least 3 meals a day, and the portion is huge. 

I had fried rice for dinner earlier, and I got hungry again. I just had another 2 pieces of Hash Brown.    =S

What is wrong?

Its either the weighing scale back at home is not functioning properly, or my eyesight is THAT bad, or the gravity here is different than in Malaysia.
Hahahah I'm talking so much nonsense!

Sorry lah no photos coz I didn't go anywhere other than uni and grocery shopping. I'm sure you're not interested to know what I buy from supermarkets right.

I have an essay which is due on Friday and its like 30%!! Its a Psychology essay.
I am so proud of myself ok!! 


I had a mid-term test for Marketing earlier today and it was.....just OK.

I have an essay about New Media theorist to write, which is due in 2 weeks, and I haven't started yet. *guilty 
Oh I'll be writing about Lawrence Lessig and his theories and concepts and yadi yada..

Gonna start on Friday! (Why not tomorrow you may ask, its simply because I want to have a break before I start the heavy loads of reading) 


Blog tonight after dinner ok! 

Stay tuned!  :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010


58 more days and I will be back!  :D

Just the thought of it makes me damn excited!!! 

When I was in Malaysia, I complain every. single. day about everything I could. 
From traffic jam, to the hot weather, to the stupid drivers, to the rude people, aiyah everything la!

Complain non stop.

And I kept telling myself, I can't wait to get out of this country.

Yeahhhh. Right..


I never thought I'd miss Malaysia so much! No, let me rephrase, I never thought I'd even miss Malaysia.

I truly miss Malaysia and everyone back home so so much!

I miss the dirty mamak stall that serves yummeh and cheap food.
I miss the "lah"
I miss the random drive-around-not-knowing-where-to-go times

I am too lazy to write them all out okay. xD

Many people ask me : "You're in Aus now, total freedom, so nice right??"
Errr, yeah freedom yes.
But, I feel that I am more "kuai" (good girl) here, despite all the freedom that I have, not to say I don't have freedom back at home also.

All I do in Perth is...Go to uni, come back, online and talk about nonsense n gossips with friends and family, eat, shower, sleep.
Occasionally, grocery shopping.
Weekends, laundry.
Assignments. Assignments.

At home, I will go here go there go here go there, until I myself get sick of going out. 

I miss those days   =p


As the number gets smaller, I get more and more motivated to finish up my assignments and whatnot, so that I can go back faster! =D

Monday, April 12, 2010

Talking about being responsible

Good evening everyone, today, I'm going to talk about my group mate. (Haha like story telling competition)  

So.. Where do I start?
Ok. There's this group assignment. Its worth 30%. THIRTY PERCENT OKAY. 
4 of us in a group.
So there's Me, Girl A, Guy X and Guy Y.

The assignment is divided into two parts. 20% for presentation and 10% for one-page summary.

We had a total of 4meetings. Girl A only attended ONCE.
Okay fine. nevermind.

We had our final meeting last Thursday which was at 1230noon. She EMAILED us at 12, saying she can't make it.  Fine, nevermind. I told her, as long as she do her part and email it to me by that same night, its fine. (Cause I still have enough time to compile and edit everything)

Thursday night - Yes she emailed me! But nothing in relation to her part.
Friday - Whole day: No news
Saturday - Whole day: No news. Email her again, no reply.
Sunday - Morning: SMS her, no reply.     Afternoon: CALL her, didn't answer

SUNDAY NIGHT (note: our presentation is on Monday, which is, the next day) 
She emailed and said : Sorry I didn't have enough time to find more info. Will try searching for more info.! 
Didn't have enough time? Then why don't you start earlier?!?!
And since you're doing law, next time when you go to court, tell the judge and your client that you don't have enough time to prepare your case ok?  (That is IF you manage to graduate)

So, fine. Nevermind. Me and Guy X searched for info on her behalf and completed it for her.  (Well I didn't tell her that her part is done, because I want her to have some sense of responsibility and do her part)

On Monday morning (this morning), she emailed me and said that she think she will pull out from the group. 

again, WHAT.IN.THE.WORLD?!?!

So, I went and talk to the tutor, and explained to him about what happened.
Then I emailed her and said : Oh I already spoke to the tutor about it, its now completely up to you whether you wanna come or not. You just have to come and read your part. So are  you coming?

You know what she replied?!?!


I was literally like this >>>>>    o.0 

I mean, really. Did she say "GREAT!" coz she don't have to come?

I was speechless. It was quite funny to a certain extent, that she's not taking this seriously. Considering its worth 30%.

And yeah, so we did badly for our presentation cause it was too short and a group member is missing, coz u know, SOMEONE wasn't there. We got a 12/20 for our presentation.
Not sure about the summary yet, coz the tutor have to mark it first.

There goes my 8%.

There goes my HD.

All because of you, you irresponsible person.


ps: ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS TO READ THE SLIDES. THATS ALL. Cause the slides and summary are all completed and done. (She didn't even bother to ask)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lets See

WEY CHIN!!! Why haven't you been blogging??

Well, becauseeee....

Next Monday, an essay worth 40% to hand in 
Next Wednesday, a mid-term test worth 30%
Next Friday, another essay worth 30% to hand in

And tomorrow, presentation worth 30%


After next week, I will be more nerdy and not to mention, geeky. 


Friday, April 2, 2010

Fish N' Chips, The Freo Way


I've been in Perth for about 2 months plus now, and although I've been to Fremantle twice, I didn't have the chance to taste the "oh-so-famous" Fish and Chips.

Wanted to go to Garden City but it's closed due to Good Friday. 
So in the end decided to go to Freo via ferry with YonSern, since the both of us have absolutely nothing to do anyway.

This is my 2nd time going to Freo via ferry. The 1st time was with my family when they came down with me. I was sleeping throughout  xD 
This time, I stayed awake and was busy snapping photos of anything and everything. 
The breeze was uber nice!  :D

Spotted some boats too  :)

Yours truly


If you climb or sit on the railing you may fall in.
The propellers will chop you up. The wildlife may eat you and get sick.

Look so fun!  I wanna do that too!!

We went to Kaili's for Fisn N' Chips. The queue was super long, but we decided to go with it anyway, since everyone said its damn good. Well, for me, it wasn't anything heavenly, it was really just FISH and CHIPS.
That's about it. Hmmm, the fish was fresh tho!  :)

the famous fish n' chips

I was taking ages to finish my food!  :p

I can't remember what was I talking about haha I look so excited!

After walking around in Freo, we went to Cottesloe Beach.
I remember seeing pictures of sculptures when Yi Ling went there the other time. So i was searching and scouting around for sculptures but I couldn't find any. I went back and asked Yi Ling about it, she said its for a limited time only! So..yeah..  =S
But it was all good, the sand was really fine and the water was so cold!
Had a scoop of Gelato before we headed back home.   :)

I finally went exploring in Perth! After twooooo months!!  :D