Friday, August 28, 2009

My Bad

So sorry for the absence.

I know I've been missing in action for quite some time.
Thing is, been busy working, and when I get back home all I want to do is just to SLEEP.

I've been working for 12 days CONTINUOUSLY, and I'm super tired.

Glad that I'll be having a long weekend, and will be off to somewhere for a trip with family and cousinsss  :)

I'll make sure that we take loads of photos there, then I'll have something to blog about.

My blog is so dead. Sobs.

Oh Oh Oh, did I mention that I've been really stingy these days. LOL.
I park my car outside the building (so that I don't have to pay parking fee)
I buy Nasi Lemak from Klang coz its only RM1.20, compared to the one near office, which is RM1.60.

Is this a bad sign?!?! I'm being like an aunty. But in a way its good coz I save 40sens! =D

Kill me. damn lame right. Sigh.

Photoshoot last Saturday

Behind the scene  

I love this pic!

Final photo of the day

Model: Ming

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Finally met up with Ming after months of tight schedule. 
Had fun talking, gossiping, laughing, camwhoring~
Definitely looking forward for our mission next year   ;)
See ya soon ! 
Thank you again for the help!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

All about F.U.N!

I had so much fun today!

Thanks Ming!

Pics will be up soon~

Updates sooon!!


Friday, August 21, 2009


Seriously, thats the only reason why I don't update my blog nowadays.
I want to! But I have no time.

Remember I said I got a job?
Yeah its almost a week now and I'm so glad I accepted the job offer!

I've learnt so much, just in one week!
And there's soooo much more ahead of me!

Tomorrow is gonna be a SUPER fun day I'm sure!!

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Updates on Sunday~

Till then, toodles!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm not jobless anymore!

You know life is good when...

- you finally get a proper job without getting conned by uncivilised people.
- you get to hang out with your friends and realise they didn't change, at all.
- you get to chat with your bestfriend who is studying in Singapore.
- you get to eat Korean food and laugh random jokes made.
- you get to do something good for someone you care about, so very much.



Starting work tomorrow! Can't wait!!
Im nervous and excited at the same time!

Wish me luck~

Friday, August 14, 2009


10 years+ ago, we were three lil' young girls.

All we did was have fun, played Doctor-Patient, where we had our cupboards with the stickers labelled with alphabets. Just like how the cupboards in real clinics were labelled. We had separate cards with names for our "patients" with names like, Timothy Tan and etc.

Then we played SalonSalon!
where we would use all the combs and hairdryer in my house, and put a stool next to the basin in the washroom, and pretend to "wash our hair". and the amount of oil/conditioner/hair styling products we used. It was all about this three alphabets - F U N.

Then we played...urm..lets just call it Hospital. :P
We were the "patients", "doctors", "nurses", "ambulance crews".. Because there were only 3 of us, so we had to switch our "roles" almost all the time. But it was awesome. Really memorable moments. I remember how we used to shout and moan as if we were in pain, and others will "comfort" the ones in "pain"

I also remember there was once, we were playing with water and bubbles. we were in the bathroom, splashing water all over each other for a looooooong time, until the tank was out of water, and we had nice scolding from the parents. HAHA.

And remember our Kemahiran Hidup's carpentry work?
We had to paint our so called Kerja Kayu, and we decided to MIX the PAINT on the newspaper. And me, being the genius, decided to put my hand there and try to make a handprint or something, then Rach joined the fun, so did Evie. From one hand each, all three of us decided to have MORE fun, by putting both our hands in the puddle of paint.
Note : we only had ONE bottle of paint thinner.
After a while of playing and fooling around, we decided to stop playing and wash our hands.
THEN! I forgot whose leg or hand accidentally knocked down the only bottle of thinner. and we were like SHIT SHIT SHIT.

Rach got her foot cut by the pieces of broken glass. Me and Evie were freaking out and wondering what to do. It was already midnight. And their parents were asleep. We decided to be smart! we went to the washroom to CLEAN our hands and YES, the washroom was also dirty by then.

We had noooo choice but to wake their parents up and told them what happened.
It was super scary I tell you. But I bet we will remember that incident, for life! right?

There's so much more to say, so many stories to tell.
Stay tuned for the next story telling session :P

Evie. Me. Rach

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Polka Dots


- Finally submitted everything needed to lift my conditional offer to unconditional offer.

- Finally decided what to major in.

- Still looking for jobs.

- Need to learn how to cook more food food food.

- Finally went out with Evie and Rach. I missed the 3CUZ days. Should do this more often.

- Finally got myself a clutch.

- Need to get a pair of black heels. Why is it so difficult to find a decent pair?!

- Need to save money so that got extra money by my side when I leave.

- Need to plan my final holiday(s) with Exco2006 and cousins before I leave.

- Need to get more plain shirts.

- Need to get shorts which won't fall every 5 steps I walk. =.=

Note to self : TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!

To the former gang

You guys have found new members to join the group.

Well its normal because you guys are all in the same class, and of course, getting to know new people and stuff.

Thanks for inviting me recently, but I think I will be totally lost if I really go.
I will have no idea about what are you all talking about, I will not understand all the inside jokes, I will not understand basically everything.

And it will be difficult for you all, cause have to layan me and all.

To make things easier for everyone, you guys go have fun aights?

I will tell you guys when I'm leaving, then maybe we can meet up for goodbyes and stuff.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Please do not overpromise under deliver.

If you think you can't do it, just say it! You won't die ok.

No need to promise others and say YES YES YES. In the end? its all NO NO NO.

Worst part is when you wait till the very last minute, then only you said the job/task assigned to you is not completed yet.

What the F? (Excuse my language, but I'm really not in the mood and I hate irresponsible people)

MTV World Stage Tickets To Be Sold!


Hey people!

I have TWO MTV World Stage tickets to be sold!

Kindly drop a comment here or email me at if you want them!

Serious buyers only!!

Thank you!

I don't know about you, but I get easily emotional when I'm all alone.

When I have no one to talk to (because everyone is busy/have class/working) , or when I have nothing to do, I get really really sad.

No, I don't mean that I'm sad cause I have lousy friends, because my friends are awesome. What I'm trying to say is that I hate being bored.

Yes, people need break. But all I need is a short break and that's it!

I don't need a long break, at all. 1 week is more than enough. Like, seriously.

Be it a lunch outing, a simple lunch that takes 1 to 2 hours, I will be more than happy.
Simply because I NEED to communicate with a living thing. Not my virtual farm - Barn Buddy (A game of Facebook just in case you don't know)

Maybe because I feel that I'm still young, and I have the ability and capacity to do anything and everything I want. But I'm not! Because nobody is free to accompany me.

Some of you might say : go for a movie by yourself!

Despite how much I want to give it a try, I'd rather not.
It will just remind me of how lifeless I am.

I need a job.
I need a life.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Best" day of my life

Oh you know what. FML.


I had a great one. An awesome one.

Seriously, I mean it.

How many people can be as stupid as me!?

To sum up what happened today,
-I had to walk freaking far to find my car. YES FIND MY CAR.
-I got conned =.= (positive side is, I managed to escape)
-I met people who doesnt understand simple English. Seriously FML.
-Travelled from one place to another and here and there and here and there. Change of temperature from hot to cold, then cold to hot, then hot to cold, then cold to hot. Which explains why I'm feeling a lil unwell. Coz I'm sensitive to sudden temperature change.

OH and PLEASE. dont be a Ke-Poh and say things like : ur day is not so bad.

BECAUSE, I didnt blog about the whole story from A to Z. Because I've already repeated the same story for like 2390849 times since 1pm earlier.

My eyes are so dry due to stupid useless contact lens.

I need to shop as a therapy. Urgh. but, no money. FML!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I know its true :)

People come and go.

No matter what it is. I know you guys will be there, forever. And I mean it.

Its amazing how we can hang out together, despite the differences between each and every one of us.
Its amazing how we can organise events together, and have so much fun, despite having a few minor problem along the way.

We've known each other since we were in Form3, when we were still a bunch of quiet,shy,know-nothing-about-anything kids.

After 2 long years of training and organising this and that, we've grown up. So much.

We've developed friendship which will remain, that, I know for sure.

Things go wrong at times, but which friendship doesnt go through the same process?

I am so glad to say, I've found awesome people like you in my life.
2006 was the best year of my life, thanks to all of you *hugs

Exco 2006, I love you guys!

MEB 2006 - Kenangan Terindah :)


Ok I have like 3204093894 pictures taken at Switzerland, and I'm so lazy to pick which to upload (since blogger takes forever when it comes to uploading pics)

So I decided to just blog about some random stuff for now.

Well don't worry, I will definitely blog about Switzerland, since its my favourite compared to Paris,London and Birmingham.

So now, everybody is talking about the MTV WorldStage. and everybody wants the passes.

I want them too! But I'm not doing anything about it. HAHA. Prolly because none of my close friends are going. Its okayyy. Neverminddd..

I have an interview tomorrow and I'm still online at this hour. Great. I am a genius I tell you.

Oh did I mention I hate SS15? Because of the JAM! Traffic JAM, Human JAM, Food JAM, everything JAM JAM JAM!! Wtf.

I'm having the OHMMM to work! I feel like being indulged in tonnes and piles of work.
Reminds me of those days, where I would work my ass off, all for my PBSM stuff! It was super tiring, and super fun! Well maybe because I have interest in it!
Its soooo tiring, but your hardwork pays off in the end when the event turns out to be successful!

Oh and I rescued my hair. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Location : Zurich, Switzerland.

To be updated in 24 hours. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Second Hand Books for SALE~

Since I'm super duper broke. I decided to sell some of my books away.

RM 18 each.

Email me at or comment on this blog post!

Thank you~!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Blissful 19th Birthday!

4th August, 1a.m., on MSN, chatting with Mr Fabian

Fabian : oik come lets go out now
Me : You crazy ah? My mom will kill me and chop me into pieces!!
Fabian : Eh come on lah, you 19 already right?
Me : Mmmm Yeah, I just turned 19, like, an hour ago..


So, we planned to go for lunch since I had nothing to do in the afternoon. He came to pick me up from my house, and when I was about to enter the car, I saw another girl sitting in front, so I thought its his friend or something, so I went in the car and he said : remember her or not?

Then the girl turned behind and I was shocked! Its Eileen~!!

She's from Sarawak and she attended a PBSM camp 3 years back! Thats how we met each other!

I was super shocked to see her! Anyways, we went to Aeon's Old Town for lunch and talk talk talk, bully each other and had fun.
Then we headed to my house, they waited for me to get ready, then we went to One Utama to hang out.. Bought stuff (not me), talked, laughed, yadi yada.. Then they went back at around 6+ and I met up with a few friends and cousins for birthday dinner at Chili's.

Eileen and I

Fabian the senior and I


At Chili's! :)

PuiYee whom I missed alot. Its been so long since we last hang out together! :)

Pretty Evie :)

Funny David

Cut cut cut!
One year older alreadyyy

Hazelnut Cheesecake! :)

Pui Yee and Mua!

Feeding the cake to her using straws as chopsticks!

She's the victim of the night! :)

The 3 Cuz! Rachel ME Evelyn


With Rayne.


Sze Meng :)

After Chili's, we walked around and took pictures at the Sticker Photo place!

Then we headed home :(

Sent William home, then went to Ridzuan to fetch Sui Za Bo to my place!!
She made jelly for me! So sweeeet~

We stayed up till 3a.m, gossiping! xD

And oh, when I got home, I saw this on my table.
Its from my younger brother, coz he's supposed to give me RM100 as my birthday present. So since he give me the Choki Choki, the balance is RM99.80.

HAHA. I laughed and Joanne laughed too!
He can be so cute at times!

Present from Evie and Kwa :)

Nail polish and accessory with the alphabet "M"!

Below is the present from Rachel and Pui Yee, with a personalized box and STAMP~!

Awwww. I love u both too!

Pictures below are Pui Yee's drawings to decorate the box :)

Its so pretty! I love it! Thank youuu~!!! Muaaahh~


The next day (5th Aug)

I was supposed to send my brother to school at 12Noon, and I was using my laptop till 11.55am.
So when I shut down my laptop, I saw this paper near my cupboard, I saw it, and I knew its Christine's handwriting. Inside the paper, this is whats written.

Some code thingy.

So I solved the code and this is what it is!

BUT! Before I could even finish solving it, out of no where Christine appeared in my house and she was like : PENGUIN PENGUIN PENGUIN!!! =.=

So I told her : okay woman, CHILL! let me solve the code first.

Then again, out of no where, she said : MY BOYFRIEND FETCHED ME HERE!

That time, I knew that my collegemates are gonna attack me anytime soon. Because I didnt ask her how she came, and she said her boyfriend sent her to my house. Weird right.

And yes, I was right! 1 minute later, HELLOOO!!! HAPPY BIRTHHHDAYYYY!! *followed by all the LOL.

There they were, in my room, laughing at me..hehe :)

And this is what I found in my mail box!
A birthday card from them, and some other classmates!

A big shoutout to all these people for the awesome present and wishes and everything!
Sui Za Bor (Joanne) , Jian Quin (JQ), Serene, Christine, Izzuddin, Banana Boat Man (Amirul), Aaron, Imran, Rhea, Grace, Laura, Ruth, Cheryl Bainon, Isabelle, Syazwan, Crystalbelle, Yvonne (Vonn Vonn)~!!!

Thank you soooooooo much!!
All the best for degree and I will definitely visit you guys before I leave :) *BIG HUGS

Christine and Serene went out to "PEE" and bought me cakes from Secret Recipe. Various flavours joint together as one! :)

So...they bought me a present, and made me open up the present..
I was sitting down on the sofa, trying to open the present.

Serene : eyh Michelle stand in the middle and open!
Me : erm why?
Serene : Give a speech! we want you to give a speech! (I believed them because on their birthdays I always kacau them and ask them to give speech/sing song/dance, etc)

So I stood in the middle, then I told them that I will open the present first, then only deliver my "speech".

Then I was taking my own sweet time trying to undo the knot, and they were so impatient and shouting : JUST BURST IT! JUST TEAR IT APART!

Me : nooo.. The wrapper very nice, I wanna keep it.

As I slowly open up the wrapper, some small tiny weeny thinggy fell on the floor, then I looked into the wrapper, and I saw something so fine, and white in colour. Before I could totally apprehend whats going on, Imran came n hit the present from the bottom, and POOOF there it was, powder all over me. =.=

Then there was another layer of wrapper, and another layer of powder.
This time I threw it on Aaron!

THEN, theres another layer of wrapper, and another layer of powder again!! This time I threw it on Izzuddin!!

The worker at GreenBox came in, and he was soooooo shocked. He stood still and remained stone for at least two minutes or so.


Then the manager came in and said they dont allow people to play with powder/spray n stuff like that, and said, its either we clean it up, or we pay extra. Us, being the KEDEKUT people that we are, decided to clean it up. We were so cooperative we took turns to sing and clean. hahaha.

It was a INDEED a memorable celebration! It was FUN FUN FUN!!

Three happy part time cleaners for Green Box!

Then, we headed back to my house. Some played Nintendo Wii, while some played the piano.

Then we decided to go to Botanic Garden and chill there while waiting for JQ to get back from college.

They got me the Man Utd jersey! Thankiiuuuuallll~!!
Izzuddin and the sicko!

Serene and Joanne

Thats Aaron the clown!



Sui Za Bo and Meeee

After lepaking at the park, we went to Aeon for McD's ice cream, then we had dinner at the Lala-Jian stall~! Along with curry noodles and Mata Kuching.
That marks the end of my birthday celebration on that day!
ps: eventhough the plan wasnt very smoothy executed, I still love all of you for the effort! I really do!!! Its the thought that counts anyway! :)

All the wishes, be it on facebook/email/sms, thank you all so so so so much for making the birthday a memorable one.

And Ling, thanks for calling from Singapore! I know you're busy with Rag and all, but you still called! and eventhough your phone is being cuckoo, and stopped us from communicating with each other, I still love you loads and you'll always be the bestestestest friend! Miss you babe! *Hugs

And, thank you to:
- Kor for the FCUK bag,
- Soo Ling for the LongChamp bag,
- Uncle Auston and Aunty Megan for another handbag
- Fabian and Eileen for the glow-in-the-dark skeleton and lunch :P
- Joanne for the MNG shirt,
- JL for the personalised and custom hand made shirt,
- Sui Za Bo for the Jelly,
- JQ for the lalajian
- Christine for planning
- Mommy for the AngPao
- Daddy and mommy for the trip to Europe


Much love,