Friday, July 31, 2009


As promised, the post about Paris. :)

The thing is, the names of the places are so weird that I cant even remember.
I can go and check all the brochures and stuff..but, I'm so lazy and tired after uploading all these!

haha..and and..the things in Paris are SOOOO SUPER EXPENSIVE..and the food as well..
and there were soooooo many people there it feels like i was in some sort of all-day festival or something..

Enjoy the pics.

Feel free to head over to facebook to view the pics as some of them are not here :)

@ La Defense

Erm. Dont ask.

The stretch of road is super long okay! and I walked the wholeeeeeeee way through.
Which explains the lost of weight! =DDDD

Camwhore shots ahead :)

Ahem cough Ahem

Ignore the crazy woman please.


Experimenting with Soo Guan's DSLR. Which is freaking heavy and complicated.

By the way, who says you cant camwhore with a DSLR?

Need I say more?

Under the tower :)

Fanta Orange rocks!!

When it turns dark, every hour, for 5 minutes, the whole tower will be sparkling!!


Love love loveeeeee

Camwhore sebelum keluar :D

Moulin Rouge

Squeeeeze :D

Lovely apron :P

The security guard offered to take a picture for us. :)

Yes, my suggestion. I know im lame.

"I CAN SEE EIFFEL TOWER!!" I screamed, and the security guard nearby laughed at me. =(

I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life.