Saturday, November 27, 2010

The day is here!

Goooood morning lovely people! :)

Heading home today!! Wheeeee

Done with finals, done with everything I need to do here in Sarawak.

Glorious Klang, I'll be back in a couple of hours! Reserve those bahkutteh for ME! :D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Snapshots

 ♥ my awesome cousins

 ♥ myself   :P

Hmmm time for a hair cut/trim.  Been so longgg.
Salon visits, anyone?

OHHH! on a super happy note, Congrats to JQ for making it to the top 10 of Mirrors Ambassador Search!! :D :D

Will be going to Korea in December, and spending Christmas there! Best part - the 3CUZ (Myself, Evelyn and Rachel) are finally living our dreams - to travel together on our own!
Feel so grown up now. Haha

Will be going to Korea in December, and spending Christmas there! 
Best part - the 3CUZ (Myself, Evelyn and Rachel) are finally living our dreams - to travel together on our own!
Feel so grown up now. Haha

To forgive and forget - Life's hardest lesson, but learning it, slowly but surely.

Life is way too short to make enemies or be mad at people for so long anyway. Stop hatin' start lovin'.

Will be selling away a lot of my clothes after my finals. All of them are either brand new or worn once/twice only. Do check this space after 27th November! 
Wardrobe clearance and crazy prices!!  :D

I need a new hobby. Buy me a shopping mall, anyone? I'll manage it with all of my heart and soul. LOL.
No, really. 
I spend hours just browsing through online boutiques and drool at beautiful pieces. 
Makes me happy just like that!

Oh! And I saw a rainbow earlier~ So pretty but too bad I didn't bring my camera back to Sarawak, had to use my phone to capture the pics instead. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something smart

Hello dear readers who've not given up on my rather dead blog just yet.

I'm here again, this time, trying to write something to destress from studying.

My finals begins next tuesday, ending on 23rd Nov. I'll be returning home on 27th for a good three months. 
Yes I do love holidays but why does it have to be so long? Two weeks to 1 month is good enough already. I hate rotting around doing nothing. Blergh.
Well, at least I'll be attending summer school at Subang.

Yesterday, I have no idea what I was thinking but I wanted to show my friend pictures of the Curtin campus in Perth. So I went to Curtin's website. (The one in Perth)

ok - brb - toilet break  :P

ok back.

So... yeah. I was browsing through the website, looking for more pictures of the campus itself. Then, I came across a link that I thought was interesting. and I clicked on it.
It was the greatest discovery of my life. 

No, seriously. No joke. 
I have no idea why I haven't heard about it before  T.T 
Such a waste!

This is the website  : CLICK 

Tell me. How amazing is that.  *tears of joy

you have no idea at all, how long I was staring at that page, clicking on each country's name, looking at the list of universities.. and just, drool. Yes, that's it. Just, freaking, droooool like an idiot in front of the computer.

If there's one decision that I regret, it would be the decision whereby I chose to go to Murdoch. *smacks self
I was THIS CLOSE to going to Curtin in Perth, and then probably have the slight chance (that I now no longer have) of going on an exchange semester elsewhere. 
Life would have been so different. So, very, ultimately, different. 

But I guess everything happens for a reason. 

Soooo, yeah. Maybe the reason why I chose Murdoch in the very first place was because I was fated to....
- fall and trip and sprain my ankle on the first week of class in Perth
- hurt my tailbone because of the impact of the awesome and glorious fall
- have an absolutely boring uni life in Murdoch

and then....
- failed to go to Curtin Perth just because of that ONE FREAKING LETTER Murdoch refused to issue....

and then...
- live in the city of the dead, a.k.a Miri
- be 30 mins away from the nearest mall which cost me RM40 just to get a cab to send me there to buy groceries and get back to uni.
- live in an on-campus accommodation whereby I'll receive sms saying "Welcome to Brunei" (coz its damn near Brunei)
- have weird lecturers (No, weird is not the word. Noob sounds more like it)
- and best of all.. I'll be having my graduation in the Uni's gym! zomg how exciting!!! :D :D
yes, the last moment of my life as a student will be photographed, completed with awesome props like dumbbells. I can't wait to graduate. seriously. 

Okay I shall stop complaining because all of these is not anyone's fault, but myself.
I'm such a lousy decision maker. 

Despite all the complains I make about living in Perth or even Miri.
Its not all that bad. I do have great moments and happy times in both places. I've made new friends from different background in both places.. 
Its just... human always ask for what they can't get, don't they? and as usual, grass is always greener on the other side. plus, girls love to rant. so, just let me do so.

As for now, I've kinda given up on aspiring to have an awesome-wonderful-kickass-uni-life.
All I want to do now is ace my exams and at least appear to be less stupid. and of course, be happy.

Hmmm now, should I continue studying or sleep.Okay I think I'll go for the latter.

(See what I mean by me being a lousy decision maker?)   T.T