Sunday, January 31, 2010

Greetings from Perth

Hello everybody..  :)

First of all, I would like to say thank you to all who was there at the airport, and also those who wished me via phone or text :) I really appreciate it..

I will update more when I'm all settled down and stuff.. Probably in a week or so I guess.

As for now, I just wanna say HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my cousin, Rachel Yap!  :)

(Yes, this post is written a few hours before your birthday)

Happy Birthday girl! So sorry I can't be there..
But I hope you like the card.. I couldnt find time to make one for you so hope that will do..
Will treat you when I see you again aights?

You've been a lovely cousin and I love you to bits!  =D

Hope to see you real soon though..
Missing the 3CUZ moments already.. 



Love, Chinnie

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Monday night - Dinner with collegemates

We wanted to go to Sushi Zanmai at Sunway Pyramid, but when we reached there at 3pm+ to make reservation for 6pm, the lady at the counter said this to us : WE DON'T TAKE LAST MINUTE RESERVATION.
I was very unhappy about it. Because she was so rude. Not even a "Sorry".. Nevermind forget it. So then we decided to go to FullHouse, with really friendly waiters and waitresses!

13 of us. Lots of food. Laughter. Camwhore moments. 10-continuous-picture-taking-session, thanks to Kit's awesome camera!

Us girls

With the guys


Pictures are still being arranged. More will be uploaded real soon!  :)

Tuesday night - Dinner with lecturers in Klang

Mr Philip, Mr Ben and Mr Winston came down to Klang to makan-makan!
We had seafood for dinner, where the lecturers insisted on paying for it. THANKS YOU SIR(S)!!
JQ, Christine and myself paid for Tong Sui at Bukit Tinggi.
It was a great night. We laughed sooo much! Lecturers were really funny and we felt like they are just like us, students! hehe. 
I never thought this would happen to me. I mean, lecturers coming all the way from PJ to Klang to eat with us. 
It was really fun!

Lecturers and students 

Wednesday night - Dinner with the hyper bunch

The songs. The video. The crowd. The jokes. The ruined-mini-surprise-for-KahKeat
One word to describe - Awesomeness
Things were pretty awkward and quiet at first, but everything turned out well in the end.
I enjoyed every single moment of it. (Yes inclusive of the crying moments)
Thank you everyone who attended.
Thank you WaiKuan for the MPH vouchers. Yupp Yupp will use them to get Jodi's.  :)
Thank you Elaine for the meaningful song, and the promised hugs. Keep in touch yeah.
Thank you Evie for the video. It brings back so much memories.. and reminded me of how geeky looking we were. xD
Thank you Brian for bringing the guitar and being part of the plan.
Thank you Raichu for the songs and being the partner in crime. You sang really well, and the lyrics really suited the situation.  "And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25"   :)
Thank you JLBK for the songs and for making me cry. I will remember and cherish everything.  :)
There's nothing much I can say already, but really, THANK YOU... from the bottom of my heart!

"Life is wonderful. It really is"      :)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Its time to sell my clothes


Its time to clear my closet.
I really love all of them but I can't possibly bring ALL of them with me.
And I don't wanna keep it at home coz no one else will wear it. Because I have no sister(s)

2nd hand clothes for sale!   =D

I'm leaving on Friday so I hope I can clear the stuff before I leave.
or else, I will just arrange something i guess....

Thus, I'm selling some of my clothes. At really really low prices.
If you wanna get more than 1, then of course can be cheaper!   xD

I feel like selling many other stuff, but I have no time to take picture of all of it, so I will just use the pictures of me wearing it. Okie?? But if you really want an upclose photo of the stuff, then just let me know, I'll email it to you.  :)

email :

Item #1 

Grey Cardigan
Still in good condition. No lubang or anything.   :)
I decided to sell this away because I have way too many cardigans and its really taking up too much space. 
Bought from a blogshop for RM40
Selling at RM15 Reserved

Item #2

Free Size - best fits sizes M and L
Comfy material. Wore only once.
Bought it from a blogshop as well. Bought for RM35
Selling price  RM10

Close up   :)

You can use a clincher/belt to glam it up

Item #3

Nike Orange & White Sling Bag
I love this bag to bits. But I don't use it much  =(
So decided to let it go.

Bought it from the Nike store at Sunway Pyramid. I think it was RM150++

I can't really remember the exact price
But I'm letting it go at RM45   RESERVED
Kill me

So cute larh can.

Top view of the bag

Interior!  Its pink~

Adjustable strap

Item #4

Black and Pink Stripe Top/Blouse/Dress
Pair it with leggings  :)
Bought it from a boutique. I don't remember the original price.
Selling it at RM10  Reserved

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Is it that hard to understand?
Hmm. Probably not. Its because of your pea-sized brain. That's why its so difficult for you to comprehend. I should not even be typing like this.

I shud type it likes you alwiz does. (I think this sentence is much easier for you to understand)    =)

So, lets see! Just got home from Andrea's new place @ Setia Eco Park  :)
I love the ceiling, cause its like super high and damn nice!
Not much renovation done, but i like it the way it is.. Simple, elegant, and nice!!
I love her bedsheet~ So cute.. I love Andrew's bedsheet too!  (HAHA. inside joke)

Evie and Rach were trying their level best to attract the ducks at the pond. Hehe. FAIL KAO KAO. Decided to walk back to the house in the end. After many failed attempts.

Was playing with Justin the 15 months old cutie pie. He is so darn adorable!! If I had a son as cute as him, I'll just watch him 24-7. Justin gave us girls a kiss on our cheek!! Wheeee~

Pictures are still in the memory stick. Too lazy to upload them. Soon okay soon. When I'm bored in Aus I'll do so.   xD

Tomorrow is going to be a long long long long day! 
Morning to night, non stop!

Sunday family day.

Monday outing with college friends~

Tuesday Packing Day 1

Wednesday outing and dinner~

Thursday Packing Day 2 a.k.a final chance to pack and squeezeeeee as much stuff as I can

Friday ByeByeDay.

Busy busy beeee~

Okay more updates and pictures soon!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cotton Candy, Anyone?  

Why my eyes look so big in the picture one!? hehe...

Rambutku sudah panjang..Wheeeee.....  

Friday, January 15, 2010

To die for

Went to Pavilion with Rachel the other day. The ONLY Smashbox cosmetic counter is in Parkson, Pavilion.
Introduced this primer to Rachel and she fell in love with it and bought it right away!  :)

But I haven't get one for myself yet. Hmmm. I will, sooner or later. 
Let me be rich first.   :D

The promoter introduced this blusher to us and we were like OH MY GOD when we tried it out. Yes I know I sound damn bimbo. But its really damn amazing lah ok!

When you go to the Parkson in Pavilion, make sureeee you try it out!

Just a short random post. Since I have nothing interesting to blog about. Just thought of spreading the loveee and joyyyyy upon discovering great items!

I'm going to Singapore tomorrow to attend a company dinner. Then going to meet up with Ling and Willy. Then coming home on Sunday.

Next week, gotta do some finalllll shopping and start packing.
The week after next is gonna be busy busy busy!! 
Dinner, dinner, dinner, outing, outing, outing...Wheeeeee~
*emo also coz its sure to cause a hole in my purse*


Monday, January 11, 2010

To treasure, for life.

You don't need many friends. You only need one. Your one and only true best friend.

It's amazing how fast time flies. Ling is in her 2nd year in Uni now, and she has another 2 years to go before she step into the working world.

Before she left for Singapore, we hang out together almost every single day of our lives. During highschool, we hang out during the weekends and stuff.

I never hated growing up. But now I do. 

I wish we were still two kiddos enjoying our own sweet time, doing anything and everything, without worrying about money, without worrying about assignments, without worrying about exams, without worrying about our other responsibilities and priorities in life.

For the past two years, I know that I'll be seeing her again after a few months, at most 6months+.
But now, as I am leaving the country soon, I know I won't be seeing her, until the end of the year.

This feeling sucks. Big time.
It sucks even more, when she's the only person I'm 100% comfortable with when I go shopping. I can talk about anything and everything I want, without worrying that what I do would ruin my image or whatsoever. We enjoy laughing at each other's un-glam moments, bimbo moments, drop-hotel-key moment. We enjoy laughing at the stupid lame jokes we make, although nobody else finds it funny.

I hate goodbyes.

The friendship between us is not common, and I will treasure it, for life.

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other, everywhere." 
- Tim McGraw

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Opera Singer

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bye-Bye 2009!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Its been a tough year

As much as I hate it, I love it too.
Life was sucky until end of June. Everything went back to its place, finally.

I never thought I would cry so much in a few months.

I never thought I would be so weak.

I never thought I will go through all the heart-wrecking sessions.

In contrast, 
I never thought it would ever happen to me. I never thought a miracle would take place.
But I'm ever thankful that I am where I am today.

Well, this post, is either you understand everything, or you understand nothing at all.   :)

I'm turning 20 in 7 months and 3 days. 
It's starting with the big number "2".

Jason said this last night at the party, and I totally agree.
He said, "When I was 12, I wanted to be 21. Now that I'm turning 21, I wish I was 12"

I remember how Evelyn, Rachel and myself used to talk about being grown ups. 
We were so excited about buying a house in the same neighborhood and being neighbours, that our children will spend their childhood together, just like how the 3 of us did.
It was all good memories. Although I can't remember much about my childhood years, I clearly remember that the two of them, were my only companions. 
As we grew older, we became study partners, striving for excellence in academic.
However, ever since they shifted, things changed.
Yes, we are still close. But its not the same anymore.
We used to know every.single.thing about one another, now its just random catch-ups and long talks when we meet.
Nobody is to blamed for this, as none of us wanted this to happen. We just have our own schedule, own priorities in life, and individual groups of friends.
Despite all the differences, we are still the 3CUZ.   :)  and I love them, heaps.

I spent the last night of 2009 with a bunch of friends. In a simple way.
Food. Pictionary. Laughter. Wine. Camwhore sessions

Top (L-R) : Joe. YonSern. Kacua. Felix. Poon. Jason
Bottom (L-R) : WaiKuan. Esther. YenYee. Elaine. KaiLing. EeLyn. Myself

*People not in picture : Brian. HanMing. YeeMing. Ivan

How was 2009 for you?

Happy New Year and wishing all of you the very best for the wonderful year ahead! Cheers.   

A Brand New Year

Finally, 2010 is here and 2009 is gone!

I'm super happy lah can?!

Neways, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  

Updates and pictures of celebration to be up real SOON!