Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why am I so lifeless

Assignments are Killers. Though I do enjoy doing them, but its always difficult to START.


Went to OneUtama with Ling yesterday and turned here and there and here and there for 30mins(or more) just to get a parking space. end up, didnt buy anyting. damn sien.

July oh July, can you please be faster? I'm so tired of waiting already.

One more month to go, and it will be time for finals already. Oh My God.

Then it will be 7months of doingnothingbutrot period. Pffft.

I don't feel good. Don't annoy me. Please and thank you.

Sui Za Bo, where are youuuu?! faster come back, i wanna see your hair :)


Friday, May 29, 2009

Emerald's 19th's Birthday

Updates soon :)

We all had a blast last night!! UPTOWN GIRL!! WOOOOOOTS!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Straw-Head

Yes, you, the one with the naked tummy, blue underwear and flowery pants! xD
Oh just in case anyone of you don't know why I call him straw-head, its because recently he had a hair cut, and he look like a strawberry, and christine started calling him STRAW-HEAD. and so I followed.
List of names of the Birthday Banana (Real Name : Amirul) :
1. NanaKing
2. Banana Boat Man
3. Straw-Head
4. Lupa Member
5. Emerald
6. Air Milo
7. Ai Mi Lu
8. Milo Flavoured Choo-Choo Train

Have a blast, boy!
Sincerely from,
Your partner in crime in creating new words,
Seashells :)
ps: Nanaking blogs at

Its Wednesday.

Just finish editting my Magazine Articles Summaries, now typing this post while printing my assignment.

Thanks to all who've been patient enough to listen to my rants and grandmother stories and everything. Thanks for offering the tissue paper when needed. Thanks for the hugs :)

Mr. Banana Boat Man's 19th Birthday is tomorrow and we're going to celebrate.
Finally, a break well deserved for all of us, after the crazy mid-term examinations and assignments deadlines.

On a totally random note, i hate birdshit. especially when the birds got no where else to poop but on my car.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I am who I am.
Or, at least I thought so.

Now, I don't even know myself anymore.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Its only 5pm and I'm dreaming

*dreaming dreaming dreaming*


Magazine Articles Summaries - Done!

Social Psychology Individual Assignment - Done!


Just when I finally got the mood do my assignment.

You see, I have this social psychology assignment, where I have to write like 2000 words on some self-esteem, self-concept magicathingyy.

and so I was typing la you know!

and oh! I finally managed to DO my assignment.

lalalalalala...typing happy because got things to talk about...lalalalalala

and suddenly



Saturday, May 23, 2009


Can you not talk to any of your family members for one whole day(or more) when you are all living under the same roof?

Well I can.

Not like anyone cared about my existence.

Oh to all the "ke-poh" adults who are reading this, you can go on and talk to everybody in the whole wide world about my blog or anyone else's blog. Its a pity that you're so lifeless. You have nothing to do but to be a busybody and mind other people's business.

And you people claim that your daughter/son are soooo talented and blah blah blah. Of course you won't admit it. Its because you do it so often, you don't even think of it as bragging anymore.

Your spoilt daughters/sons are nothing but pieces of shit. Just like you. Or maybe worse.

Get out of our lives and start having a life of your own, psychotic-old-maniacs.

Sleepover is Awesome

My husband and I are going to have a new surname for our family, which is - Awesome.

We're going to name our kids Simply and Absolutely.

Their full name would be Simply Awesome and Absolutely Awesome.

Good morning people! I woke up at 11.30am today because I only slept at 4am.

Constantly-moving-bridge, the urge to go to the loo, the large fries at the ever-crowded McD's and not forgetting, the "loveliest" and "most brilliant" movie, ever--Monster VS Alien,
(Raksasa Lawan Makhluk Asing) =.="


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday, Boy :)

Mr Willy!
Happy 19th Birthday
(as at 21st May 2009)
First of all, thank YOU so very much for being a real cool and awesome buddy!
I still remember our first chat, where we were so totally clueless about how we appear on each other's MSN list. Then we continue chatting, and slowly we were already laughing at each other's lameness (ok fine my lameness). Its amazing how well things worked out, how we chat all night long and laughing at absolutely nothing but those silly emoticons. How we named those emoticons after each other and stuff. and how we even came up with our "date" LOL.
There were emo moments and you were there for me, there were happy moments and you were there to share the joy. Thanks for being part of my life :)

Thanks for the birthday treat you gave me last year, and I'm sorry I'm unable to be there to celebrate your birthday with you since you're in Singapore.
I shall give you a virtual present.

ps : I read your blog, and I know that you're in the emo state now, but I'm still going to call you at 12 to wish you, as thats the least I can do :)
Hope you won't mind me interrupting your sleep.
Enjoy your day Willy. :)
and remember that I'm here if you need someone to talk to yeah?
we may be busy with our own schedule and stuff, but friendship remains no matter what.


Take 5 from studying :P

I'm having two papers tomorrow, Media Appreciation and Economics.

Media Appreciation is booorrrriinggg... *yawns*

I counted, and I have 7 assignments lining up, waiting for my affection and care for them, all due within next two weeks. Shooooot me!


time to switch on the nerding mode. Taaah!

Monday, May 18, 2009

As Promised (: Singapore Trip Pics

As promised, Singapore pictures!!
I swear, blogger was being a bitch last night. I spent TWO HOURS, and I only managed to upload like, 20 pics?! =.="
Nevermindddd, now its okay, so...enjoy the pics!

Singapore River

The three stooges at Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

River Taxi!!

There was this stall, and the ice-cream seller is really cute! =) ps: cute as in, funny-cute, not the goodlooking-cute.

Group shot at Clarke Quay

Anna and Joanne

Before we went back to Malaysia, we dropped by at Little India to do some shooting for the travel documentary. We also went to Mustafa Centre, where Izzuddin bought like, SGD423 worth of perfumes. Thats reallllyyyy alot.
Michelle Lau

Izzuddin the cameraman

Somewhere behind me is the Mustafa Centre. If you want to go there, stop at Farrer Park Station(via MRT) Its somewhere nearby.

With Izz

The two creatures - they enjoy bullying each other :)

Chicken rice stall at Harbourfront Station. Izz and Imran were so addicted to it that we went all the way there from Orchard Road, JUST TO GET THE CHICKEN RICE.

We went to Sentosa Island on the 2nd day, which also means...we went to the Dolphin Lagoon!

Which means, we saw P-I-N-K dolphins!! Sigh so sad I didnt get the chance to touch it =(

I wanted to have a swim-with-the-dolphins-session but it cost SGD 150 okay! *How I wished money really grow on trees*
Oh-oh, we paid SGD 22.90 and we got to enter the Underwater World + Dolphin Lagoon.
I would say that its quite worth the money coz there's many different types of fishes and whatnot in the Underwater World. We also had the chance to touch starfish, rays and some fishes :)

We were there as early as 2.30pm, the show starts only at 3.30pm so we grabbed a snack and nicely chilled, and chit chat, only to realise that people were starting to take up the front seats! So the "kia-su" me, went and BOOK seats for my friends while they were still eating. Still, we couldn't get the front seats, thus explaining the appearance of unwanted-cropped-heads in the following pictures. =(

Okay lah, its not completely pink, its more like, greyish-pink =)



Now can see the pink-ness already horh?! Pink Pink Pink!! (Rach are you reading this?! hehe)

Fly fly fly fly ~~~

So pwetttieee..

Izz the cameraman, Joanne the "host" and Anna the helper for the section at the Dolphin Lagoon :)

Before we went to see those dolphins, we visited The Merlion which is 37m in height, which is the tallest icon in Singapore! It was my part in the travel documentary, so until now I can still remember those lines that I had to memorize :P

We entered The Merlion, was given a lucky dollar sand coin :)
you are to place the coin into the Mercub's mouth later on, get a card, and redeem a prize for yourself :)

Ignore those fat thighs please! Tq!!

Several posters in the Merlion







We went to the mouth area and the head area to enjoy a panaromic view of Singapore and the island around it. The sentence very nice horh? Of course la, its the freaking script!

Joanne the Sui Za Bo a.k.a Permit Singh

Sentosa Island

Imbiah lookout @ Sentosa Island

Images of Singapore @ Sentosa Island

Joanne and Yours Truly

The monkey


Sky Tower @ Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

The bus in Sentosa that brings you around it :)

Some random statue

On the way back from Singapore to JB, Joanne sleeeeeping away in the bus! =D

ps : she had no idea we took this pic of her, it will be her first time seeing this picture!