Monday, November 30, 2009


I feel like I've been an igloo the whole day.

The clinic was soooo.damn.freaking.cold. I was practically freezing.

My fingers were numb, I couldn't even type fast.

I couldn't even talk properly.


So anyways, last Saturday, mum picked me up from clinic and we went to the boutique to collect my clothes that we left there for alteration. Christine tagged along

There were new stocks, and soooo, we tried on..and...we left the boutique with another 2 paper bags! 
More new clothes! Joy oh Joy!   *smiles like an idiot

Yesterday, sent William off at LCCT, then the 3CUZ spent some quality time together at One Utama  :)
*Hugs Rachel.. Be strong girl, Love u loads!

Ohh. I'm supposed to enrol myself online now. Toodles! 

Sunday, November 29, 2009

60 days.

Exactly 60 days to go. 

Today, will repeat itself.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Public holidays are awesome!  :)

Image #1 : Godsister's son who loves the camera!
He's super cute..

Image #2 : Godbrother's daughter. She'll pose and ask me to take picture of her.

Image #3 : Ho Tuck Chee and myself at Karaoke this morning  :)

Image #4 : Some random shot at the garden

Image #5 : My cousin sister, Wei Ling. 
I love this shot! She's so cute~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A vain pic and some updates

Told you I'll be back on Sunday!

So anyways, last Sunday, I started work at the clinic again.  :)

It was work, work, work, work from 8am until 10/11/12 at night. It was tiring yet fun.

Laughed so much this whole week. Really missing the Singapore team! They're all so lively and super fun to work with!

But because of the busy schedule, I haven't gotten the chance to really explore my camera  :( 

Anyhow, I managed to take a few shots last night over dinner before Fad head back to Singapore this morning.

View them here : Album in Facebook

Went to Popular this afternoon and got myself two new novels. Both by Mitch Albom. Have a Little Faith and For One More Day.

Here you go, a vain pic of me  :)

Sorry for the blurry pic, my bro was the photographer. A lousy one!  :P

Ling is coming back from Singapore soon! Wheeee!!! Can't wait!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Updates?

Hello world (Yes I know its a lame way of starting a post, but I'm so totally out of idea T.T)

The reason why I haven't been updating is because I'm working. Super kao busy.

From 8.30am to 10/11/12 at night

Thanks to Mr Fadz who makes it less stressful and super funny.


Will be back for updates on Sunday!  


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some Lame Jokes to Share

1. Who spends the most time in the toilet?

2. What gets bigger when it is upside down?

3. What did the wall say to the ceiling?

4. Who always forget where she put her things?

5. What do you NEED to open a door?

6. Why did Dave walk backwards to school?

7. What's the best way to get straight A's?

8. What did the dog get when it graduated?

9. How do bees go to school?

10. Why the witch need help with her homework?

11. Why is the math book unhappy?




If you give up already, scroll down for the answers  :)

Before that, let me tell u a mini story
I asked my younger bro the 2nd ques, and this was his first reaction : Hmmm I'm thinking about something dirty.


Kids nowadays. Ish


1. The plumber!!

2.The number 6

3. Meet you at the corner

4. Miss Place

5. A closed door

6. Coz its BACK TO SCHOOL day

7. Use a ruler

8. A Pedigree   =D

9. School BuZZZ

10. Coz she had trouble with SPELL-ing

11. Coz it's full of problems

Ok thank you for your time!

Now, do you want to hear a joke about construction?



Sorry I'm still WORKING on it


Ok thankius!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sui Za Bor

Last night, I finally had the chance to chat with the dearest Sui Za Bor again! 

As usual, we always turn on the webcam to laugh at each other's stupid and funny expressions etc.

And she took a screen shot of me doing silly faces. Oh well, I think she's gonna upload it on her blog at   :)

And us, being girls, have to camwhore, right?

Ta-Dah! You can still camwhore even if you're not beside that person! 

Technology  <3   

Total bliss!

Haha... Kesian her. She had to smile for so long while I take the pics  LOL



My Barney! Close up  :)

The happy and proud owner of Panasonic Lumix FZ35 


Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Trying

I'm trying to upload at least one blog post per day  :)

Now, the problem is, I have nothing to blog about.  :S

Its always like that. When I want to blog, I got nothing to blog about but when I want to blog and I got so much to blog about, I don't have the time to do so!

Same goes to shopping. When I have $$ with me, I can't seem to find anything I like. But when I found so many things I like, I don't have enough $$ with me.  


Seriously I hate the weather now. Cold Hot Cold Hot.   Annoying.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Say NO Roxy purses.

Well everything in this post is just my opinion.

I need a new purse. Yes, again.

I've had a few purses from Roxy before, and all of them somehow doesn't last that long.

For the money I pay for, I'd expect better quality?

I really hate changing purses. Its like, I arrange all my cards/notes/coins/yadiyada in that particular place, and I'll be so familiar with the arrangement . and suddenly my purse will decide to ditch me. Pffft.

I don't mind paying more for a better quality one. One that will last for 2 years (at least).

The only problem is, I need a purse with many compartments for cards. No, I don't have credit cards. I have a lot of member card, discount card, all-the-card-that-help-you-save! 


Again, why am I so demanding?

I think I know why. I stare at this screen from 11am till whatever-time-I-go-to-bed. So.... I tend to get bored. and look around my cupboard...

And start complaining about everything I can possibly find.


Eyh SHHHH I'm a girl I deserve the rights to rant

Panasonic Lumix FZ35


Canon PowerShot SX20 IS

Which one??? 


I realize that I no longer feel like going to the cinema anymore.


I'm not willing to spend RM10 on a two-hour show.

I'd rather spend the RM10 on food/drink, where I can sit down and actually talk to my friends/family.

The last time I went to the cinema was when my parents wanted to watch the Singaporean show, "Where Got Ghost".

Is this a good sign? Because I'm not spending money on movies anymore?

I don't even buy DVDs anymore. Gosh what's wrong with me?!

Lately, I've been asked by Christine to join them for Lagoon, karaoke and movies.
I said no to all of the above.

I feel bad. But I really don't feel like paying for it..
1) Lagoon - Pay 50 bucks to play with water? No tq.
2) Karaoke - Oklah once in a blue moon still not that bad. 
3) Movies - Elaborated above. hehe

I'm sorry for not being there for outings, but I really feel like I need to control where I spend my money on.  =(

Ling and myself are going to Genting. Because we're cheapskate like that. LOL
Nola actually Genting is a nice place. Not too far, cooling weather, not too expensive.

Afterall, all we want is a getaway. We just wanna spend quality time together and nothing else.

I remember the both of us standing by the roadside when it was at night, just to try and see how long we can withstand the wind and the super cold weather.
I remember the both of us eating 1901 Hotdogs at night when it was super cold.

It was fun.  :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm confused :S

So... I want to get a camera.

And... I don't know which to choose.

Because.. I'm stupid like that. (in IT field that is)  :P

Some suggested a DSLR.

Some suggested Compact Digital Camera.

Some suggested Nikon.

Some suggested Canon.

So, now, me = confused.

Help? Anyoneee???  

Prettyyy please?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Successful Salesperson

"Wey Chin, dah tak ada tempat untuk letak", thats exactly what my maid told me this afternoon when she wanted to put the washed clothes into the cupboard. LOL.

JQ and Christine came over to my place, and they tried on my clothes. and took back alot. LOL.
Thank you so much for taking the clothes! I'm glad that you both are happy! =)

I thought nobody want my clothes  =(

JQ went home with 4 plastic bags and Christine went home with 2 plastic bags.

I am a successful salesperson.  =D

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lucie Jones

...Is out from X-Factor?

And the annoying twins who can't blardy sing is still in the competition.


Simon: This is a SINGING competition. 

Wow Simon, what a line. And yet, you let the boys stay in the competition?

Lucie, you go girl! You're awesome and I'm sure you'll be successful, even without winning X-Factor. They don't deserve you  :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Always raining. Makes it so nice to sleep all the time.

Which is bad.


So anyways, let me see what I've been up to lately.

Yesterday, went shopping with Mum, Grandma, 3 aunts and my cousin.

I tell you, it was havoc. LOL..

We were practically trying out everything in the shop, and the shop owner was really good at mix and match. Unlike me. Total failure =.=

That's why I always opt for the easy way. T-Shirt + Shorts/Jeans/Skirt. Off I go. 
Even then, I always stand in front my closet, thinking what to wear. haha..

I left the boutique with 4 paper bags. Hahaha. Joy Joy Joy! 

and there's some left at the boutique for alteration  :)

That is the happy part.

When I reached home. After showering, i hurt my thighs in the dressing room FML.

I'm not gonna show the picture coz it's damn disgusting and can see my fat thighs. Haha..

Omg this post is so boring. Nevermind. Bear with it!

Oh Oh Oh! On Friday, I went to Evie's place..

We made cupcakes until 2am in the morning. Woke up at 4am to fry nuggets, sausages, french fries and fishball. Until 6.45am.

It was the most tiring morning, ever. LOL

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vote Vote Vote! (Pleaseeee?)

Vote for Stephanie Ngah Yen Teng! 

Click ME!


Its just one click to vote. Please help me friend?? 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hilarious Medical Check-Up Experience

Before I talk about my Medical Check-up Experience....

I think I'm gaining weight. 


Don't give me that look. 

I really eat alot these days.
Like the other day, I met up with Christine and Kit after my medical check-up.
I had one huge glass of honey lemon tea, lots of fries (fattening I know), and huge portion of rojak.

Even christine was amused. Haha.

And today, I had soooo many rice crackers. FML.

I keep eating and all I eat is fattening stuff.

Stop saying I'm underweight. I am not. I am normal. My BMI is 18.7  :))))   *proud

Ok now back to main topic.

Sooo, I had my medical check-up on Monday. 

Before I left my house, I drank L.O.T.S of water. No joke. People who know me well knows that I don't drink much water. (Hui Woon said I'm like a camel. HAHA)
Why I drank so much water? Because I dowan my pee to be yellow! HAHAHA 
Laugh la laugh. Wait lah you, next time when you go for medical check-up then u know.

So anyway.....I drank and drank and drank and drank and continue to drink MORE water.

Then, I went to Life Care Diagnostic (Located at Jalan Barat, next to Stamford College)

I swear to God and any other thinggyy up there, I almost died when I reached there..
Because I wanted to pee so badly but I can't because I need to pee when they give me the bottle so if I pee already then I won't have any urine to pee when I need to pee. Get it? 

(talking to self : hahaha so many "pee" in this blog post)

So I registered myself. yadi yada yadi yada.

Then the kind soul at the counter finally gave me the BOTTLE!!

Then I happily went to the toilet to pee. Hahaha   =D

I'm actually laughing  and typing at the same time because I find myself so funny here. haha.
Ok fine too syok sendiri already.

By the way, the service at Life Care is really good! I went for medical check up in the afternoon and my visa was approved at 11.30pm on the very same day!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ze 2nd One

Our 2nd concert!  :)

Dear Kind Souls :P


Hello people.

I know you are damn good and kind, kan?

Please go to THIS LINK and click "LIKE

Thank you sooooooo muchhhhh!!   :)

Love , Hugs and Kisses

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Night That Made Us Go Kehh-Rayyy-Zee!

First of all, many thanks to Mr Edwin a.k.a the pembuli who brought us to the concert!  :)

Its supposed to start at 6pm. But we only left Klang at about 5.30pm.  =p
Kit called me at 5.15pm, when I was getting ready.

Kit: Hello where are u

Me: at home


Edwin was driving. And we had no idea where were we heading to. So we called Anand and asked for directions. Reach edy, Anand called me..

Anand : Dei where are you all laa
Me : Reach d! Where are you
Anand : You see the line? I'm somewhere there
Me : Okay give me a landmark or something, so that its easier for me to look for you
Anand : Stadium 


What the heck! hahaha.. stupid Anand..   :P

Evie and I *blow blow blow* HAHAHA (inside joke)

Edwin. Me. Anand

Edwin and the cousins

Anand and myself

HAHAHAHA... Anand blowing. Ahems.

The whole bunch (minus Evie who was the camerawoman)

Whats this? Oh this is my view through-out the whole concert. =.=
Don't laugh ok.

Rachel's hair. Half of my face. Poser Ed and Rocker wannabe Anand

Ed and myself

Evie and Mua again!

The 3CUZ, with Anand disturbing us

Again =.=

Ed's suggestion to take pic from bottom. Results : Double and Triple Chin 

Damn high d! Coz after so damn freaking long, AAR finally came on stage! Woooots!

Ok I lied. I raised my hand like soooo high up just to take the pic. FML

Anand who just finished showering at the concert  xD

Rach and myself. Messyyy!!

Ok fine you guessed it right. I raised my hand again.

YAY! Picture purrrfect! No disturbance coz we made Anand the cameraman! *genius



My camwhore skill = Awesomeness!

Throughout the concert, there were this bunch of realllllyyy irritating high school kids behind us. Shouting A-A-R. Seriously, they can't even pronounce R properly. 
So it was like : A-A-AU
WTF Damn annoying.
Then they changed it to AH-AH-AH  
Sound like they were having sex or something.

Overall, we had a great time! (Despite all the stupid smokers smoking during the concert. Dahlah stuffy, wanna smoke somemore. Dumb ass. I hateeeee them!)
No consideration whatsoever.

After the concert, we headed to Murni @ SS2 for some good food before we went back  :)