Saturday, February 27, 2010

Karrinyup Shopping Centre and Trip to Ikea!

Last Saturday, we had a mini birthday celebration for Yi Ling's 24th Birthday  :)
It was a potluck dinner at her place =D

Chee Yin and Myself with the fried rice!


Left to Right : Skye. Yi Ling. Wing. Jovan. Tale. Virginia. Michelle

Yi Ling's family bought her a cake and talked to her on webcam. They sang her a birthday song too! Super sweet. Then we surprised her with two cakes! haha

Spot the cake in the laptop!

Birthday girl with her two cakes.


Yesterday, we went to Ikea! Just for fun. haha
At Stirling station 

Karrinyup Shopping Centre

Kikki K! :D

IKEA!!! It looks 90% like the Ikea in Malaysia. Made me feel like I'm at home. Wheeee


Here is where the camwhore session began!

I like this shot  :)

Mirrors are LOVE!

I want my room to be like this too!!


HAHA So Cute!~

Different facial expressions :)

I was kinda crazy when we went to the kids department!


 I have two balls. =D

Our meal! CheeYin with her hot dog and Yi Ling with her Pizza.

The hot dog is only 1 dollar! Super satisfied and super happy coz its cheap!

Yi Ling bought the pizza and soft drink set. Total of 3dollars. And we can refill the drink!
So, being cheapskate people, we refilled like at least 4 times. HAHA. 
After that we were so full of soft drinks. LOL.
I still love being the cheapskate Malaysian  :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



It was 40 degree celcius today. So Damn Hot. Sigh.
Its at night now, and there's no wind whatsoever. Somemore no aircond or even fan in my room.
Pray for me so that I wont die of dehydration ok. 

So anyways, lets see...
Last Friday, YiLing, CheeYin and myself went to Northbridge for Dim Sum. It wasn't the best, but something is better than nothing.
On Saturday, we went to Catamaran! Sailing!  (Go google it if you wanna know more about how is it like :)
It was soooo much fun (and tiring of course!)

I decided to handwash all my clothes because its damn expensive to use the washing machine. Like 3dollars each time. Means its RM9 each time.
So I told myself to hand wash all my stuff, save money, and also to train some ahemmuscleahem. HAHA. Hopefully. (I'm even washing my bedsheet with my hands ok!)

Cooking is fun! It really is!
I always look forward to dinner time~ :)
One day I'll post of all the photos k?
The thing is, we always cook, and we ALWAYS forget to take pictures.

We were so happy when we found "Kiam Chai" in one of the shops. Literally jumped around. Hehehe. Jakun right, I know.

I promise I will be more hardworking next few days ok. I will take pictures of the campus and also my room and also other things that might interest you =D

Then next week I shall berpost-post the photos on my blog!

Stay tuned!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are you kidding me?

After a series of unfortunate events, well not literally "after", because some of it, or should I say most of them are still "ongoing".

Like how my next door flatmate and her kawan-kawan sekalian was singing to some weird songs and giggling at 12am. 

So...Today, I went for my lecture for Psychological Science. 
I was walking down the lecture theatre. anddd... I dont know how, but I just tripped and fell on my butt.
I sprained my right ankle and it hurts. like mad.
Of course I was embarrassed, but I couldn't care less of what others think of me.
It was damnnn damnnn damnnn painful la.

So I slowly got up, and found a place to sit down.
It was so painful I swear I almost teared.

So after like 5 minutes, the pain was gone and I thought "YAY I DIDN'T SPRAIN MY ANKLE IT WAS JUST A FALL"

Yeah right.

After the lecture, I went back to my room. and I saw my ankle. It was SLIGHTLY swollen. but not noticeable.

I took a nap before my next class.

When I got up. My ankle. Its worse. EVEN BIGGER ALREADY FML

Then, when I walked down the stairs, I suffered. Somemore stupid uni so many stairs. Urgh.

So yeah. Its officially swollen.

And yes, I sprained my ankle.

Thank you.

End of story

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

:' )

Yes the title of this post is a tearing smiley  LOL

I'm going to reply the messages left in my Cbox in this post, aights?

Vonnie : Haha.. okie dokie.. will do  :) I hope I wont get too stressed too, but I think its already happening. Every single night I study and squeeeeeze my brain. haha. 7 months + didn't use my brain already. Sudah karat.

JQ : Yupps I know I'm very lucky to be able to be here. Its just been really crazy trying to adapt and adjust. With all the unexpected circumstances and problems and hiccups here and there. I was just really, down. But now I'm back on full force, so yeah~ haha. Yup yup you should come to FREO. LOL

Christine : haha. turtie so long never read my blog! Dowan bring you go makan d when I come back! HMPH! haha. Wait la you, one day I'm going to post up all your funny photos on my blog. MUAHAHAHAH. Its a way to destress you know!  xD

Victor : Hey victor thanks alot for all your comments and messages. Yeah its been real tough. and I hope I get to settle down as soon as possible so that I can concentrate 100% on studies. 
=D   How's your Australia trip been so far?

Joanne Low : Thank youuu  =)  Susah betul tau, seorang kat sini. haha. Keep me updated with gossips k? So that I can destress and ber-pat-kua with you. Or else I got no one to gossip with, damn sien one leh..

Joanne Choo : haha. thank you sui za bor!! I misssss youuuuuu leh. Next time we bervideo call again kays?  <3  MUAKX  *hugs


After my 2nd day of class at Uni, all I can say is, studying in Malaysia is so much easier!  >.<

Everything is so challenging here. I don't know how to describe it. Okay let me try to put them up in point form:

1) I'm still adjusting to the Australian accent. Yes, their accent. (How in the world am I supposed to know that FREO means FREMANTLE?)

2) The crazy amount of workload and expectations. You have assignments even before you meet your lecturers/tutors. You are threatened with figures like 3000 words, 5000 words, even before you read your first chapter of your text book.

3) Lecturers speak so fast you don't even have time to take down notes. (plus the accent thingy, I couldn't understand at least 30% of what they said) 

4) I see at least 3 words I don't understand in a single slide. Which makes it difficult for me to understand the lessons.

A jump from Foundation to Degree is definitely not easy. Its very very very different, very challenging, and here, you don't have "tips" and "clues" or even "hints".
This is when I realise that Malaysian students are soooo pampered, with almost everything provided right in front of us, and yet we take things for granted. I spent an hour doing nothing, and I felt so damn guilty towards myself. I could have written at least 300words.

I think I'm turning into a nerd or geek or however you'd like to address me.

But at this point of time, I can no longer be bothered about anything you say.

This is a new chapter of my life, it may just be the turning point of my life, it is a whole different phase altogether. My parents have spent a lot on me; I have a whole bunch of people back in Malaysia backing me up, and I can't possibly let anyone down. It is just wrong. Wrong.

As for now, my target is to excel. 
and to achieve goals, I have to carry out what I have to, I have to perform well, I have to do my best, and that is all I can do. Do my very best.

It is tough, it is going to get more and more difficult, but that is when I can really know where I stand.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Know what?!

Dear Problems,

Know what?
You can attack me all you want, and I won't let you beat me down.

Yes, Internet, you may be as troublesome as you wish, and I will bring you down.

Yes, classmates, you can stereotype people all you want, lets see how it goes when results are out.

Yes, stupid phone line, you can be as irritating as you wish, I will make sure I move to the new buildings so I can get full signal and people can finally contact me without trying so hard.

Yes, homesick-ness, you can remind me of how much I miss home and my family and friends and every one back in Malaysia. I'm only going to focus in my studies and strive to excel and make everyone proud of me.

Yes, books, overwhelm me with all the big words and try your level best to confuse me.

Because of all of you, dear problems, I am going to be strong and go through all this without crying anymore.

You give me shit, nevermind. I will be patient.

Dear all,
Thank you so very much for listening to my rants and whatnot, I really really appreciate each and every one of you for being there for me. From asking me to stop crying, to comforting me on facebook, to sending me messages in facebook, to emailing me and so on..

Thank you so very much...

I'm more than motivated to do well and make you guys proud. No more cry baby me.   :)

Cheers everyone!

Know what? I'm back.    ;)

Sooner or Later

If this goes on, 

Sooner or later,

I will lose my mind,

I will no longer contain any sanity,

I will go crazy,

I will go blind

I've had a torturous time trying to adapt, trying to adjust. Now, can you fellow problems give me a break already? Thanksandbye.

Episode #2

Remember I said they were having party yesterday night as well?

Yupps. So I went over to Chee Yin's place to spend the night there. This morning, when I went back. This is what I get.

Ps: Spot the unwashed pan in the sink!

Know how to open the cabinet, then duno how to close ah?!?! HAH

New Addition : SLIPPER!!!  =D 
and and, POKER CARDS! and MORE CANS~~~ Wheeeeeeee

and MORE BOTTLES! and Look! Another slipper!! black color wan~~ Woah.. So nice!
Isnt my living room lovely?
You're jealous arent you!

And...Notice board with good information I suppose.

They didnt even close the sliding door. Anyone could have entered stole things. 
Spot the cig pack and the tshirt on the chair.

Look! Trolley outside of the flat with empty bottles and boxes!




My Lovely Considerate Flatmates

So, if you read my previous post, you'd know about my lovely flatmates.

This are the pictures I took in the morning.

Yups, look at the bottles. the cards on the floor. rubbish here and there

empty bottle on the floor. wth. and plastic bag?!  o.0

empty pizza box, cans, bottles. URGH

Pink jacket on the floor. WTH. 
You had sex is it?!?!? 



And oh, guess what?! They are also having a party now FML MAX!

and tomorrow, classes officially starts.

Great, right?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I miss home

Being away from home sucks.

I miss every single bit of Malaysia, despite how much I complain.

Its the 1st day of Chinese New Year.
I'm still in my pyjamas and I just had instant noodles for lunch.
This isn't the way CNY should be. I miss my family. I miss my cousins. I miss my friends.
I miss my room. I miss complaining about the loud and noisy firecrackers. I miss having sleepless night because of that. All in all, I miss home. I really do.

I wish that time will just fly by as fast as possible, so that June will arrive faster and I can go back to where I belong.

I went to bed at 12-ish last night. 
All the noise, talking, laughing, clapping woke me up at around 2.50am.
It was my flatmates and their friends, having the time of their lives, and being super inconsiderate.
I couldnt take it anymore. No way I was going to be able to sleep with all the noise. 
I called Chee Yin and went to her place. (Thanks sooo much Chee Yin!)

So yeah, on CNY eve, I didnt even have a peaceful sleep. Wtf.

Seriously this sucks.

I wanna go home  =(

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Updates, finally.

A few hours before I left for Perth, JeanNie and Sapura decided to come and surprise me with a HUGE ASS card. LOL
Thanks babess

Capu. Jean. Chin

So..More about Perth....

It was so windy. super windy. super nice.


In the city  :)

Went to visit the Choc Company. Where we got to taste chocs for FREE!   <3

Touched a wombat

Saw koala(s)

And its super sharp claws

saw some disgusting teeth

Fed a kangaroo

Had frozen coke (bought from McD)

Cooked meals with friends. Dish #1 : Siew Pak Choy with carrots

Dish #2 : Spaghetti

Dish #3 : Chicken Soup

Dish #4 : Butter Chicken & Fish Fillet

Dish #5 : Fish Fillet

This is Chee Yin. :)

I know its quite boring. But I have not settled down completely yet, so, give me some time aights. =)