Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recent Updates

Hellowwww!!  :)

I'm officially working in Aussie! 
(Yes I know I've only been here for two months, but why not if I can earn extra $$ during the weekends? Not like I have things to do anyway. I just rot during weekends xD )
Where am I working at? I'm working at Dome!  :D

I get to smell superbly nice coffee everyday!
And I've gotta admit, after only 2 days of working, I'm more daring to speak more now! (I'm so glad!)
Coz before this I was abit shy of speaking coz people here and their accent  =S

Other than that, I went to a Flea Market this morning with Yi Ling and Chee Yin and bought 3 knitted jumpers/tops
(Daddy, please don't have a heart attack just yet. Read on)   :D

1st piece: A superbly good quality knitted cardigan like jumper from Rivers!
Guess how much I paid!? 

Close up shot of the cardigan :)

2nd piece: Also a knitted top! I love it alot coz the lower part of the top is super stretchable! :D

Close up  :)

3rd piece: Another knitted top :)
I can mix and match with this top~ Yay-ness!

Close up!  :D

1st piece : 1 dollar
2nd piece : 2 dollars
3rd piece : 1 dollar
Total : 4 dollars

After conversion : RM12!! 

Am I awesome or what?!?

I loveeeeee the flea markets here! Its so super cheap!! :D

(The reason why they are all knitted tops is because the weather is turning cold now)

Oh before I sign off, I cooked these for dinner :)

Dish 1 : Teriyaki Lemon Fish Fillet with Chopped Garlic  

(its not oil, its butter) so it smells nicer! :D

Dish 2: Curry Chicken with Potato Boiled till Super Soft  :D

Thats all for now!



Friday, March 26, 2010


Say hello to the new neighborhood  :)

My future bed

Future hugeass wardrobe with a mirror  :)

Future shelf and table and chair


HUGE toilet with many mirrors! Hohoho

The kitchen!! Can main masak-masak

The living room / common area  :)

Daddy! I know you're reading my blog haha.
So this is the new place  :) 
There's a total of 5 rooms and 2 toilets but I didnt take much photos today, will take more pics when we move in!   :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am awesome

Ignore the title please. I am THAT lame because I'm bored. xD

So, yeah look at my fringe!!  
I need to cut my hairrrr.. I need to go to the salon! MOMMYYYY!!! hahaha

81 days till I get home. I can't wait!  xoxo

Oh I got a job!  :D
Tiring but FUN!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Powerpuff girls

Nope, the title has nothing to do with this blog post at all. 

So...What have I been doing lately? 
Assignments + Readings + House hunting + Eating Malaysian food

I haven't been blogging much because I've got nothing much to blog about, and I've got no photos to show you as well.

I had one week of holiday last week and all I did was stay in my room and do nothing. Just rot.
Yeah I know I'm lifeless. But hey, its Perth! I'll be going to the beach some time soon I hopeee, before it gets too cold

I bought loadsssss of food today I think they're enough to last me for a century     =S

Okay this post is full of random crap. For those of you who read this, I'm sorry for wasting 2 minutes of your life.  xD

ps: I couldn't care less.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Your 21st :)

Evie . Rach . Chin

We grew up together.
We played with paint and messed up the whole place.
We took care of April and played with her.
We stayed up all night to talk, and sometimes all we talk is really nonsense. (Eg : hotdog theory)
We used to dance around and jump on your bed like mad people.
We used to think we had our own "concert"  LOL
We played with water until the tank ran out of water. Then got lectured by your dad  xD
We used to laugh at lame guys who wanted to get you but they were soooo damn lame

We've seen each other in our worst and best times.

When we were young, we looked like dorks. (at least I do)

We had Pictionary sessions :) Rach was having her super short green highlighted hair :)

Then we went into this "crazy camwhore phase" (I think we're still in it)

You and Rach curled my hair for me on my 17th Birthday  :)

We take silly pictures of ourselves. (Actually, WHY do we do that?!)

We take really vain shots  xD
I had my short hair moment too!  =D


We always camwhore. No matter where we go. Camera is a MUST-BRING item.

We try to be like cute fishes. But fail max.

Then I learnt how to edit pictures and make ourselves look nice  HAHA

We grew older and older and WISER!  :D

But we still take photos like these. Hands with accessories.  :) 

And you and your crazy poses!

See what I mean?! haha  :)

Genting trip. I think it was our first trip! Eventhough it was only a one day trip, it was sooo much fun!

and then, we still take photos like this! Shoes!?

Then the two of us tried to look thin by sucking in our cheeks . HAHA

And ur first mamak experience,with your "APPLE JUICE", and Kwa shouting " ANEHHHHHH "

We are so lovable  xD

But we might be sad souls at times

We are really crazy I tell you

You and Rach are literally like my sisters, since I don't have any. And I'm glad to have the both of you by my side when I grew up, up till now.

You're turning 21 in just a few more hours  :)
I remember how we used to plan about our 21st birthday(s), and now that I can't be there with you on your special day, I feel sooooooo bad   :(((

Nevermind. I will be back in 97 days, and we can have more more more more FUN again! :)

I miss you so much girl.. 
Stay pretty, be yourself and study well! 
I love you so so so so much!! 

Last but not least,

I love you!  :D

Hugs, Kisses & Love,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Foooooood! Cooked by Chee Yin , Yi Ling and Myself!  :D  :D  :D

MeeHun Soup by Chee Yin!
With carrots, onion, garlic, vege!

Sweet potato soup by me! Wheeeee~

Bacon and Egg with bread by Yi Ling!  :D

Mini pizza by me!  :D
Italian bread, honey ham, diced tomatoes, cheese, BBQ sauce, pepper!!  

More to come! 


My Room in Perth

Heyy! :D
As promised, pictures of my room  :)

Entering. Ta-dah~


More food and other stuff.  :D

My closet and my storage place

Close up



My super awesome 10dollars super nice sweater and Barney :D


My desk and my awesomeeeee FAN!