Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Addiction

Have I mentioned.... that I've recently developed a new love towards this thing called headband? They are so awesome and makes it so easy to be a girly-girl on lazy days.  :P

I got myself a headband from FashionValet (brand: Alainn) recently and brought it with me to Singapore. Wanted the one in beige but unfortunately it was already sold out by the time I wanted to purchase it :(   (So be sure to get yours the moment you set your eyes on any of them! They run out pretty fast so gotta act quick to secure your fav piece!! :D)

Gonna get myself a second one soon-ish.

I got the Olive one! :D

Spot it! 

Wore it again the next day, and it matched my maxi dress!

And oh that's some expensive popcorn from Garrett Popcorn, Singapore. 
I loved the packaging! So cute!

The people at FV were so friendly and I love love love love loveeee their packaging. (Yes I'm a sucker for nice packaging. I'm a girl,okay) 

Too bad I didn't take a picture of the packaging arghhh 

Anyways, Thank you FV for the awesome customer service + product + packaging + everything else :P

Hmmmm which headband should I get next?
The red one.
Eh no, I think I'll get the navy blue one...
but the purple one looks nice toooo..... 
What about the maroon one?! :D

*continue day-dreaming.............

and maybe one day my prince charming will get me all the headbands and I won't have to worry about the hole in my purse anymore! *giggles