Sunday, October 3, 2010

An urge to scribble

I know I've said this gazillion times, but there is really nothing exciting in my life to blog about  :(

I've been shopping so much recently (grocery shopping that is)

I feel like we're such monsters, referring to my housemates and myself.

4 of us finishes a tray of eggs in less than a week.   o.0

At the rate we're eating, I'm gonna turn into a big fat lazy bimbo one day. real soon. *gasp

The only thing that I'm excited about is the HOLIDAYYYYS.

I know that when the holidays finally arrive, I'll be complaining about being bored and having the urge to do assignments. Gosh why am I so difficult?!

So lets seeeee, 43 more days to finals and 77 more days till I breathe in Korean air. Hahahaha. I sound so dumb. Lalaladida..

I saw a rainbow the other day  :) Totally made my day! Wheeee

(okay if you haven't realise, this post is full of nothing but pure bullshit just cause I'm so bored and tired of reading powderful enggrish)

I wanna swim and go to the gym. AND SAUNA TOO!!!  :'(

Dear Celcom Broadband, please speed up  :( Pretttyyy pleaseeeeeeeeee

Dear Laptop, please do not fail on me anytime soon (Ooops daddie says not to use the word "not"). Let me rephrase, Dear Laptop, please be fine until I finish this semester (at least)

Dear University, please organize more fun-filled events and not some stupid quiz day =.="

Dear Ng Kai Ling, please come back at the end of the year before I die of boredom.  Please and thank you  :D

Bye bye


kailing said...

LOL i am coming back this hols!! :)