Thursday, April 15, 2010


58 more days and I will be back!  :D

Just the thought of it makes me damn excited!!! 

When I was in Malaysia, I complain every. single. day about everything I could. 
From traffic jam, to the hot weather, to the stupid drivers, to the rude people, aiyah everything la!

Complain non stop.

And I kept telling myself, I can't wait to get out of this country.

Yeahhhh. Right..


I never thought I'd miss Malaysia so much! No, let me rephrase, I never thought I'd even miss Malaysia.

I truly miss Malaysia and everyone back home so so much!

I miss the dirty mamak stall that serves yummeh and cheap food.
I miss the "lah"
I miss the random drive-around-not-knowing-where-to-go times

I am too lazy to write them all out okay. xD

Many people ask me : "You're in Aus now, total freedom, so nice right??"
Errr, yeah freedom yes.
But, I feel that I am more "kuai" (good girl) here, despite all the freedom that I have, not to say I don't have freedom back at home also.

All I do in Perth is...Go to uni, come back, online and talk about nonsense n gossips with friends and family, eat, shower, sleep.
Occasionally, grocery shopping.
Weekends, laundry.
Assignments. Assignments.

At home, I will go here go there go here go there, until I myself get sick of going out. 

I miss those days   =p


As the number gets smaller, I get more and more motivated to finish up my assignments and whatnot, so that I can go back faster! =D